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Assembly System W2-ManAir - Conductix-Wampfler AG

The integrated system. W2-ManAir is a C-rail system without cable loops through sideways installed energy guiding chain (ideal for retrofit).

Special features

  • Easy movement, thanks to plastic rollers
  • No cable loops, as media supply is enclosed in energy guiding chains on the side of the system
  • Use of entire system length is possible, since no room is taken up by cable storage
  • Minimal pressure loss, due to center feed
  • Suitable for large hose diameters, variable chain sizes
  • Can be installed on existing C rails

Main applications

  • Installation workplaces
  • Underslung crane system
  • Portal cranes

Standard application data

  • Suspension distance max. [m]: 2
  • Point load max. [kg]: 125
  • Section load max. [kg/m]: 200
  • Travel speed max. [m/min]: 60
  • System length Workstation length max. [m]: 20
  • Capacity up to 2 x ½" compressed air hoses, 1 electrical cable 3 x 2,5 mm2 or 5 x 2,5 mm2 1 high-frequency line
  • Working pressure max. [bar]: 10
  • Interfaces Feed through terminal and hose ends
  • Compressed air outlet using R ½" inside thread (coupler optional)
  • Equipment carrier: Steel and/ or Aluminum
  • Working conditions Indoors [°C]: +10 up to +60



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