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Packing List Envelopes
The packing list envelopes protect the shipping documents from environmental impacts such as dirt, dust, rain, etc. Please stick the envelopes with the self-adhesiv...
The Trockenmittel-Beutel are used in connection with barrier layer foils. So that the desiccators take up and lower the air humidity in a packing, but again, barrier layer foils or not fixed deliver b...
Barrier Foil to meet the demands of higher requirements
Tropac® III offers a 100% protection against water vapour, oils and grease. The material is flexible, scrub and rot resistant and...
All adsorbent agents have an extremely porous surface area. Like a sponge, they possess the capacity of soaking up moisture and to store it inside their internal cavities. Those are set up as layers,...
Synthetic zeolites characterized by a precisely defined and regular pore diameter possessing a crystalline structure. Regardless of the relative humidity, they adsorb about 20-22 weight-% of water vap...
ORANGE SELF-INDICATING GEL is a white gel with moisture indicator that is free of heavy metals and particularly environmentally compatible. Active; up to a water load of approx. 6 % by weight,...
In order to protect from humidity damage, the atmosphere inside the packaging must remain below 50% relative humidity in the long term in order to avoided corrosion.

The following points mu...
Desiccators protect and conserve

Desiccators obtain the value of your commodity
Within more closed or hermetically more closely space gives it always a microclimate, in which m...
SILICA GEL is one of the widest used adsorption agents against moisture with a wide range of applications. It consists of irregularly shaped and porous particles and is a form of silicic acid....
Both desiccant cartridges and capsules are filled with active drying agent during the production process. In order for the drying agents to maintain their performance level during transport and storag...
Humidity indicators in combination with the drying agents serve as a guide to the climate and moisture level inside the packaging. Humidity indicators consist of a special absorbent paper. Several are...


TROPACK opens up innovative options with Activ-Polymer® technology
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About TROPACK Packmittel GmbH

Desiccants and packaging materials from TROPACK

There are many reasons to connect the protection of your dispatch goods with our experience: A broad delivery program at desiccators, our consulting authority, continuity in our production development and meaningful innovations.!

TROPACK highly active drying agents bring added value
  • Simple packing
  • Less damage and fewer complaints
  • Lowering of the insurance premiums
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of the desiccator
Desiccants and packaging materials from specialists
  • Wide program for desiccators and packaging means
  • Innovative solutions such as TropaSorb (TM) and Shockwatch (TM)
  • Consulting competence within all areas of the desiccators
  • Sustainability in production and development