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The connectors from this series are according to MIL-C-5015. They can be used for a broad variety of applications. Beyond the military sector the civil industrial sector, especially vehicle- and machi...

The soldering and desoldering stations are suitable for professional repair work on high-tech electronic subunits in production, service and laboratory.

Fine dust and fumes are side-products of the soldering-process. These can harm the human organism as well as our environment. Weller offers fume extraction systems to catch and filter these byprodu...

HDC (former HTS) industrial connectors and system-components meet the electrical and mechanical requirements following application-areas:

  • Machine-building
  • Energ...
  • Various locking-systems (Bayonet and Push-Pull)
  • Protection ratings IP40 and IP67
  • Shielded and unshielded versions
  • eg NCC-Connectors 770 series, waterproof even...
  • M5, M8 and M12 connectors
  • Protection ratings IP65, IP67 and IP68
  • UL – listed versions available
  • Shielded and unshielded versions
  • A-coded , B-cod...

Erem produces precision pliers like the series 500, ergonomic pliers of the series 2400 Ergonomic, stripping pliers, pre-forming tools and special tools.

  • Matching dies for crimp contacts 
  • Ergonomic hand tools for crimp contacts
  • Pneumatic crimping machines
  • Applicators for terminal crimping
  • Inse...
  • Alternative for rotary code switches
  • Different sizes
  • Different pitch-sizes
  • THT- or SMT-pins
  • Model range PRINTHART
  • For industrial applications
  • Switches featuring 3+3 as well as 4+1 termination-systems
  • Different operating options
    Customer specific v...
  • Model range SLIDEHART
  • Miniature slide switches
  • ON/OFF or changeover
  • PCB relays
  • Industrial relays for electro-installation and switch-cabinet-construction
  • Accessories like DIN-rail-fitting or pluggable moduls
  • RoHs - compliant


The product portfolio available at Börsig includes:
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The world's largest manufacturer of electrical connectivity solutions for power, data and signal, TE...
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About Börsig GmbH Electronic-Distributor

Since 1969 the 100% family-owned company is a franchised partner as electronic distributor of premium manufacturers for electromechanical components. Electronic connectors, relays, switches, cables, tools, plastic accessories and other electronic components are being traded with on an international level. The trading activities are being extended by the own cable assembly and is offering customer-specific, high-quality solutions.

It is our goal to satisfy our customers with all our activities. This is why the quality of our service has the highest priority. Primacy of quality! Every employee of the Börsig is part of the continuous improvement process.