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The web cleaning system (PEM) removes the dust from the surface of the web that would otherwise soil the digital printer and finishing equipment.
Health of staff: Longtime contact with micro dust...
Valuable materials are retrieved from what was once waste and returned via recycling to the economy. The collection and recycling of valuable waste materials such as paper, carton, PET, foils and rubb...
Custom-made solutions for the secure destruction, extraction and briquetting of bank notes, bonds, passports, credit cards and other confidential documents. Exceptional Quality, Custom-designed Engine...
Cardboard, paper or other materials are transported via a conveyor belt to be compressed into compact bales in the baling press.
  • Conveyor belt
  • Baling press
  • Dedusting...
We are your partner, not only where there is production waste such as trim waste, off cuts and dust, but also in the processing of paper and poly wraps, packaging and cardboard.
Our system soluti...
Where huge quantities of waste arise - if in production, trade or administration - compaction is an important part of the disposal logistic. Compacted and pure waste is secondary raw material, it simp...
The machine can be integrated into a full-automatic production process or can be operated as a central system. Material feeding happens either manually or automatically via any kind of conveying techn...
The robust construction of the machine with its very strong cutting unit guarantees great reliability and thus excellent overall performance. Materials such as paper, wood, rubbish, bulky goods, synth...
Production waste such as paper, packaging, aluminium / synthetic foils and dust are taken up via negative pressure from the point of origin and removed over a closed ducting system from the production...
Document destruction: from the office shredder to the complete system

Fully automatic document destruction system:
Document shredding and compressing. Our systems can b...
With the weighing system, each waste material is invoiced related to the weight. With an electronical card, the user can identify himself and gets a source-related invoicing. This procedure is easy to...
Compacting systems for waste and bulky waste in combination with a changing container. This allows a flexible transport on the road or railways. By an economic handling of waste and recyclables before...


Channel baling press with pre-press technique
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About Hunkeler Systeme AG

Systematic disposal - one stop business
We provide solutions for the disposal process for valuable materials such as paper, cardboard, foils, PET, wood, rubbish etc. for an efficient processing of waste products.
From compacting directly where the waste is produced to an integrated all-round solution to provide the best possible support in your production process.
Our system solutions are proven in the graphic industry, computer and data centres, packaging industry, banks/national banks, insurances, recycling companies, building industry, communities, hospitals, pharma industry, etc. The primary aim and driving force behind our innovations is our primary aim to contribute greatly towards our customers' success.