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Sissy-pro: Universal signalling and information system. Modular concept with expandable hardware and software components. Chronological evaluation, resolution < 1 ms with data storage. Functions inclu...
Modular weather stations in LON technology to detect wind speed, wind direction, brightness, twilight, precipitation, humidity and temperature.
FR 6: Electronic indicator relay for 6 alarms with LED display and floating output changeover contacts. Signals stored on power failure.
MVL/ DCF: Annual time switch with LON Bus access, 16 switching channels, integrated DCF radio clock, time profiles and sun position angle.
FSB+ ME logic Series, 8-48 alarms, labelled LED display. Programmable by using keys or USB interface: e.g. LED colour selection, NC or NO input, response lag, with related output contacts. Versions fo...
SVE Series: DIN rail snap-on alarm annunciation modules for group alarms, lamp tests and siren repeat drivers. With acknowledge flashing alarms and combined operating flashing fault indication as per...
Remote Manager to transmit LON protocols over landline or GPRS mobile network via TCP/IP. New: Also available as module in C3 Compact Condition Controller Remote Control System.
C3 - the new compact remote control system. snap-on modules with DIN rail bus. Digital and analog I/O modules. Universal applications due to variety of interfaces: 2-wire LON bus, Powerline, Ethernet...
Activation of failure-simulation control room in large power stations, in EtherCAT or LON bus technology. Acquisition of 30,000 switching and display devices in 10 ms intervals.
Text annunciator module 320 messages, 4x40 character LCD, with decentralised activation via LON bus, key and PC programming, RS 232 printer interface, integrated DCF radio clock. New: Also available a...
Annunciator Systems
Alarm annunciator systems in snap-on housing for front panel installation in 19" rack technology and as compact alarm annunciator control centres.


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About Unitro Fleischmann Störmeldesysteme

Founded in 1971, our company designs and produces universal industrial electronic systems. The company is owner-managed and has a young, innovative team as well as a staff of experienced employees who develop and manufacture our products in Germany. Our core competences include danger alarm, alarm and operating data acquisition systems, for the monitoring and control of operating and supply systems, with remote control and process control technology, and bus components for industrial and building automation with process visualisation and system integration. We have state-of-the-art CAD and laboratory systems to design circuit layouts and produce prototypes. Printed circuit boards conceived in SMD technology are assembled and soldered in fully automated machines. In our own test laboratory, we conduct tests for EMC CE in accordance with the latest regulations. Our expertise and our new high-level technology machine pool, which is installed in functional and ecological rooms, ensure the high quality of our products. As a result of our wide, diversified product portfolio, we are one of the leading manufacturers in the field of alarm annunciators. We focus our activities on innovation and joint research with competent partners and universities. This guarantees that our development and production are constantly geared to the latest state of the art. It also secures our future, strengthens our market position and pursues the interests of our customers.