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Lead Screws
Clamping Tools
Press Brake Dies
Machine Tool Vises
Machine Tool Vises
F Clamps
F Clamps
Vacuum Systems
Folding Machines


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About YORK spol. s r.o.

YORK Co.Ltd. has a long standing tradition in the production of craftsman tools. Since its was established in 1921 the company has been offering top quality and reliable products. To date more than 3 million pieces of vices bearing the YORK name have been manufactured and sold for use around the world - Europe (Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Netherland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland), North America (United states, Canada), South America (Chile, Peru, Columbia, Costarika, Venezuela, Honduras), Africa (Egypt, ), Asia (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Philipines) and Australia.