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Timeless beauty. Highline Harmony expresses the desire for security and durability. A style found again and again in generations past and anew.
Creativity knows no bounds. Highline Trend plays with lines, shapes, colors and materials, creating a composition reflecting your individuality.
Some things are best left alone. Highline Tradition captures classical craftsmanship, an intimacy that is inviting and a style that remains timeless.
The Junior Line is your entrance to UNILUX brand quality at a more affordable price. These are the ideal doors for those on a smaller budget who do not want to make a compromise in quality.
UNILUX Open View corner is a completely transparent, glass to glass, corner window. Our system is offered with high performance tri pane glass and is available in all UNILUX color/materials. A common...
The Modern Line is our fastest growing exterior profile. Simple, square edges trend towards contemporary homes and buildings. Architects appreciate the refinement of Modern Line.
“My home is my castle.” Just block the world out. Be undisturbed, footloose and fancy free. This is easy with the aluminium clad wood DesignLine Privacy window. Thanks to integrated blinds, you can cr...
The name says it all. Fine Line boasts a slim post and beam construction.
In contrast to typical North American sliding doors, the lift and slide type of door benefits from door panels being lifted on wheels when you turn the handle. Via this hardware, you can then push the...
Lift and slide door systems can generally be constructed quite large. UNILUX lift and slide door panels are available up to 10’ wide and 9’ tall. Single panel sizes. UNILUX does not believe big sizes...
The Living Line is our original and most popular exterior profile. Its subtle, curvaceous detail is a perfect match for traditional architecture.
The attractive way to save on energy costs (heating or cooling). The DesignLine aluminium clad wood window range combines architectural elegance and state-of-the-art energy efficiency. Uncompromising...


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Unique light. Today, individuality and new ways of expressing oneself are in greater demand than ever. The thing all homeowners still have in common, however, is they want quality. Modern windows and doors have little in common with their ancestors besides the name. Requirements for today range from energy efficiency and sound control to beauty and durability. At Unilux, through years of innovation and manufacturing technology we have become the market leader for wood windows in Europe. We are proud to exhibit our state of the art engineering techniques developed over decades by our hard working people. Our vast product line is designed to compliment any type of building, from windows and doors for a custom home to the façade of an office complex. And it would be unfair to keep these products to ourselves, thus we make them en masse, accessible to all at a competitive price.