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The steadily growing field of communication and computer technology and the innovations in communications technology are creating new application areas for the manufacturing process of etching.
Should it be a distinctive business card made of stainless steel, a noble jubilee plaque for your company or an employee, a weather-resistant steel plate, a bookmark, a sign, personalized piece of jew...
In the modeling area, we serve a variety of model makers and our company etching technique developed itself in this industry to a real insider's tip through our quality and speed.
With bent and refined grids and shielding gaskets made of stainless steel and nonferrous metal you always fly safe with us. In the field of aviation and aerospace industries photo etching made by AETZ...
In the field of bent and unbent shields, with heaters, for complex lead frames in the computer technology and etched ceramic substrates we are a reliable and competent partner.
In medical technology, photo etching is your healthy partner for the production of metal parts with complex details. Dental plate with delicate refinement, via injection needles, to the medical saw bl...
Of the decorative door sill to the challenging lead frames photo etching provides the optimal production lot size and all options for each project in the automotive sector. Send us your drawings onlin...
The precision dominates the etching especially in the manufacture of spectacle frames, mask washers, vapor deposition masks, lettering stencils, light pulse, aperture and field of scanning technology.
Successfully implemented photo etching is realized by ÄTZTEC in the field of mechanical engineering by manufacturing of valve plates, engine gaskets, locking and spring plates, stator, and sinker for...
The etching technique ensures compliance with the finest tolerances and consistent quality of the lattice structure and thus the desired result in the production of measurement grid and Calibration To...


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We produce fast and efficiently etched parts from all common types of metal in a wide variety of material thicknesses for nearly every application and every industry. The process of photochemical etching is optimal for the economical production of samples and prototypes as well as the low-cost-oriented production of serial products. Based on your drawings we can realize your project and the delivery in extreme short time.