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Electromagnetic, energise to engage pole face brakes
  • Exact positioning over the entire service lifetime
  • Safe function up to wear limit
  • High braking torque security d...
  • Excellent misalignment capability (compensation of shaft misalignments)
  • Minimum mass moment of inertia
  • High torsional rigidity
  • High availability due to flexible...
  • Reliable device for clamping and holding high
  • High performance density
  • Suitable for EMERGENCY STOP braking actions
  • Closed spring-loaded
  • Opened pneumat...
The backlash-free, load disconnecting torque limiting clutch.
  • Instant separation on overload
  • Permanent backlash-free torque transmission
  • Readable torque adjustment
The installation space-optimised torque limiting clutch
  • Simple torque adjustment, can be directly read off
  • Quick installation via clamping hub
  • Backlash-free torque t...
The residual torque-free disconnecting torque limiting clutches with switching function
  • Torque is steplessly controllable and adjustable during operation
  • High switch-off accur...
Accurate limitation of tensile and pressure forces
  • Reliable limitation of forces with high accuracy
  • Backlash-free force transmission with high axial rigidity
  • Immedia...
The torque-actuated signal transmitter
  • Signal emission on overload without disconnection of the masses (no mechanical overload protection)
  • Input and output are protected again...
  • Very high performance density
  • Very high, consistent torsional rigidity
  • The full nominal torque can be transmitted, even in case of misalignments and alternating loads
  • This device is used to monitor mechanical movements and end positions.
  • It is a controlling sensor for electronic and mechanical sequences.
  • It also registers axial disenga...
  • This device is used for measuring and monitoring axial and radial disengaging movements, e.g. on EAS-clutches.
  • It acts as a control sensor for electronic and mechanical sequences....
  • Torsionally flexible
  • Vibration-damping
  • Plug-in type, suitable for blind assembly
  • Nominal torque: 4 up to 1040 Nm


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High-performance, highly rigid ROBA®-guidestop profiled rail brakes

A compact safety brak...
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Fast acting rectifier ROBA®-multiswitch with variable output voltages The installation space for control ca
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About Chr. Mayr GmbH + Co. KG

The family-run company Mayr power transmission, which was founded in 1897, is a leading manufacturer of safety brakes, torque limiting clutches and shaft couplings. These products are primarily designed for use in electrically-driven machines and systems. Amongst other things, they can be found in filling plants, machine tools, packaging and printing machines as well as in elevators, wind power plants and in stage technology. The Allgäu headquarters in Mauerstetten currently has approximately 600 employees. Mayr power transmission employs over 1000 employees worldwide. The company is globally active with plants in Poland and China, sales subsidiaries in the USA, France, Great Britain, Italy, Singapore and in Switzerland as well as with 36 further country representatives.