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CNC Turning Services
Automatic Screw Machine Parts
Bolts with head and spigot (threaded bolts) DIN 1445

1.0718 (11SMnPb30+C)

Surface protection
  • bright
  • phosphatised oiled...
Clevis Pins
Retaining rings DIN 471 for bolts and shafts with groove

spring steel C67S up to C75S according to EN 101322-4 (of manufacturer's choice); hardened and annealed to 435...

Whether it is a necessity of locks with head or with no head, with single, double or extra turned channels, with or with no thread, with or with no pin hole, mbo has got the majority of them. The p...

Turning Services
  • Angle joints
  • Ball sockets
  • Ball studs
  • Axial joints
CNC Manufacturing

The rod ends DIN ISO 12240-4 (DIN 648) are a few of the most recurrently employed connecting components in business. These components can be discovered all over where easy movements are necessary,...

Clevises DIN 71752 / DIN ISO 8140 / CETOP RP102P

1.0718 (11SMnPb30+C)

Surface protection
  • bright
  • phosphatised oiled
  • ...


Angle joints made from corrosion-resistant materials offer increased service lives even in the toughest environments
Precision-manufactured special clevises deliver perfect load transmission mbo Osswald is known for stocking
New: Clevis with additional thread makes anti-rotation mounting possible
Providing reliable retention in the event of axial forces on shafts requires components with special properties
mbo Osswald, the linking technology specialist, has further extended its product range to include parallel pins
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About mbo Osswald GmbH & Co KG

Our aim is to be a reliable partner to the industry wherever linking elements and joint combinations of any type are needed. We manufacture exclusively in our plant in the small town of Kuelsheim-Steinbach in Baden-Wurttemberg and have always got more than 12.000 standard parts in stock for you. Furthermore, we have specialized in manufacturing parts and components to drawings which are intended for very special applications in all branches of industry. We offer our entire know-how to our customers ranging from planning and manufacturing right through to the assembly of the product.