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Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Medical Measuring Equipment, Color Dopplers, Patient supervision systems, X-Ray Cameras, Disposable Medical Products, Electroencephalographs
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
The Belec Spektrometrie Opto-Elektronik GmbH is a medium-sized company with its place of business in Georgsmarienhütte near Osnabrück, where more than 40 years ago, an...
Products: Emission Spectrometers, Spectrometers, Spectrometer Accessories, Materials Testing Equipment, Metal Analyzers
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Who we are – we are a flexible family company with many years of experience in the field of pipettes and laboratory glassware. Where we...
Products: Cover Glasses, Pipettes, Volumetric Pipettes, Blood Counting Chambers, Volumetric Flasks, Graduated Cylinders, Microscope Slides, Petri Dishes
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Marienfeld bietet Ihnen ein umfangreiches Produktprogramm an qualitativ hochwertigen Laborglasprodukten und Zubehör. Unser komplettes Produktangebot ist hier präsentiert:
Products: Alcoholometers, Glass Beads, Mixing spatulas, Disposable Medical Products, Pipette Tips, Pipettors, Cover Glasses, Laboratory Porcelainware
Manufacturer   Sweden   Worldwide
Products: Respiratory Therapy Equipment, Oxygen Therapy Equipment, Sleep Diagnostic Equipment
Manufacturer   Spain   Worldwide
Products: Video Endoscopes, Colposcopes, Laparoscopes, Endoscopes, Arthroscopic Instruments, Surgical Microscopes, Arthroscopes, Bronchoscopes, Hysteroscopes
Manufacturer   Japan   Worldwide
Products: Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, Spectrophotometers, Chromatography Equipment, Precision Scales, Medical Equipment, Moisture analysers
Manufacturer   United States   Worldwide
Products: Spectrophotometers, Electrophoresis Equipment, Chromatography Columns, Gas Chromatographs
Manufacturer   United States   Worldwide
Products: Eye Tracking Systems
Manufacturer   United Kingdom   Worldwide
Products: Measuring & Test Equipment, Spectrometers, Photometers, Analyzers, Amino Acid Analyzers, Electrophoresis Equipment, Spectrometer Accessories