Technical Plastics

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Products and Services in the Area of Technical Plastics (7)

elisto GmbH

prootect™ - technical fire protection up to 1450°C. prootect™ - fire protection products are quality products not containing asbestos, which are suitable for application at temperatures of up to 145...

Manufacturers, Distributors and Service Providers in the Area of Technical Plastics (7)

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. With about 111,000 employees, six Verbund sites and close to 370 production sites worldwide we serve customers and partners in almost all countries of the world.
Since the company was founded in 1946, David + Baader has been involved in electrical heating systems and now ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of electrical heating elements and heating systems. DBK' s patented solutions ensure that the washing...
Since its foundation in 1988, elisto GmbH offers comprehensive, customer-orientated and innovative all-round service. Based on the expertise acquired over decades, elisto GmbH has become a company with activities worldwide.

Today, elisto GmbH and its subsidiaries produce in...
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