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7 Steel Doors

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Manufacturer   Czech Republic   Worldwide
Products: Steel Doors, Injection Molded Rubber, Stainless Steel Furniture, Cleanroom Doors, Fireplace inserts, 19 Inch Rack Cabinets, Operating Tables
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
The Hörmann Group is an internationally-oriented, fast-growing company. Gates, doors, frames and operators are manufactured for the markets in Europe, North America and Asia at...
Products: Steel Doors, Dock Shelters, Garage Side Doors, Sport Hall Doors, Aluminum Windows, Garage Doors, Loading Houses, Slide Gates, Aluminum Doors
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide Europe
Teckentrup was founded in 1932 and is today one of the largest European door manufacturers with production plants in Verl-Sürenheide (HQ) and Großzöberitz. With 11...
Products: Steel Doors, Garage Doors, Acoustical Doors, Slide Gates, Roll Up Doors, Security Doors, Sectional Industrial Doors, Fireproof Gates, Fireproof Doors
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Steel Doors, Cleanroom Doors, Aluminum Doors, Lightweight metal doors, Revolving Doors, Sliding Doors, Building elements, Fireproof Doors
Manufacturer   China   Worldwide
Products: Steel Doors, Wooden Doors, Fireproof Doors
Manufacturer   Italy   Worldwide
Products: Steel Doors, Steel gates, Overhead gates, Garage Doors, Slide Gates, Revolving gates, Lifting gates, Aluminum Doors, Lightweight metal doors
Manufacturer   China   Worldwide
Products: Steel Doors, Motorcycle Engines, Wooden Doors, Generators, Outboard Motors, Motor Tillers, Security Doors, Hedge Shears, Stainless Steel Doors
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The requirements placed on the manufacturers of steel doors are diverse and range from fire protection, burglary protection and resistance to an attractive, identical appearance. If possible, the latter should be flush with the surface. It is important for customers that the products are multifunctional doors. These must be made of steel in order to offer sufficient protection against almost any "risk".

The most striking features are the various door elements, such as the mounting of the frames or handles (individual handles, door handles or continuous opening beams, protective glass, etc.). The industries that require steel doors include all industrial and commercial enterprises. These are large companies as well as SMEs. Apartment blocks and detached houses (garage, cellar, etc.) are also regular customers. Public buildings such as public authorities, schools, bathrooms, etc. are also protected by safety steel doors.

Types of steel doors:

The best known types of steel doors are fire doors (fire and smoke doors). These are divided into different classes:

  • T30
  • T90
  • RS
  • S200
  • El
  • El230

T30 means that it is a swing door with fire protection closures. El refers to the glazing and means that this door has fire-resistant glazing. Sound insulation doors have sound insulation of up to 42 dB. Burglar-proof doors are defined and regulated according to the European standards DIN ENV 1627 up to 1630. The security doors are classified with the corresponding resistance classes RC2 and RC3. The full panic function is regulated in EN 1125.

Requirements for manufacturers:

Steel doors are primarily used for a wide variety of protective purposes. Stainless steel doors are stainless and last longer. However, steel doors with an appropriate coat of paint also withstand a lot. The strength of the doors plays a big role, but also the sound, the volume with which a door closes. After all, you should be able to work next to it! The folding design is responsible for this. A door leaf thickness of 62 mm already offers very good security. In addition to the quality of the material, the design is also decisive, especially when it comes to safety.

Special requirements apply to the pharmaceutical and food industries! Versions in stainless steel V2A to V4A, with 240 K grain size or without, circular matt or not are among the most frequently requested requirements for producers. In addition, customer-specific coatings of multi-purpose doors should not be a problem (hot-dip galvanised, powder coating, NCS special colours). Customers are increasingly opting for installation without mortar. High-quality frames for T30/El230 and T90/El290 steel and stainless steel STS/STU fire doors are available for this purpose. These are backfilled with mineral wool (factory-fitted). Installation is therefore much quicker, cleaner and more time-saving.

For the customer it is important that delivery and installation are fast. Functionality and quality are particularly important in this area, in addition to the safety to be guaranteed. Used products are not recommended because of the high safety levels. All the manufacturers listed below have many years of experience in this field.