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PUK-WERKE KG were formally founded in 1969 by the merge of the two companies Hermann Pohl OHG (founded 1951) and Anton Klein OHG (founded 1935);...
Products: Cable Trays, Cable laying systems, Anchor rails, Cable Clamps, Vertical Cable Trays, Wire Mesh Cable Trays, Wide Area Cable Trays
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Products: Cable Trays, Electrical Supplies, Installation ducts, ISDN Telecommunications Systems, Nurse call systems, Telecommunications systems
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Cable Trays, Separating Machines, Oil Separators, Petrol separators, Building elements, Machine construction, Starch Separators, Grease Traps
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The story of igus® begins on 15th October 1964 with Günter Blase in a double garage in Cologne-Mülheim. For the first twenty years, we worked...
Products: Cable Trays, Ball Bushings, Thrust Bearings, Control Lines, Ball Bearings, Crossarms, Cable chains, Halogen Free Cables, Cables & Lines
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Products: Cable Trays, Office lighting fixtures, Illumination systems for offices, Parapet ducts, Lamps & Lighting, Outdoor Lights, Strip Lights, Grid lamps
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Products: Cable Trays, Parapet ducts, Cable laying systems, Electrical Supplies, Cable ladders, Underfloor Ducts, Wiring Raceways, Fasteners, Heavy-load dowels
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Safe laying of electrical cables via cable trays

Today's life without electricity is no longer imaginable. Every public building, every private house is connected to the public electricity grid via electric cables. Manufacturers have developed various systems for laying electrical cables, such as cable trays.

The materials used are plastic or stainless steel. A cable duct usually consists of two parts, the U-shaped trough, which is screwed to the wall or ceiling, and the cover, which often closes the cable duct with a click system. On the one hand, cable trays perform a protective function for the laid cables, on the other hand they promote a clear cable laying.

Frequently used systems for laying cables

In practice, the following systems for cable laying have proven themselves and are therefore frequently used:

  • Mesh cable trays
  • Cable support systems
  • Cable ducts
  • Click system
  • Lattice cable trays
  • Cable routes

Mesh cable trays
Mesh gutters consist of individual round metal rods that are welded together. They are fastened by screw clamps, hook clamps or wall brackets. Mesh cable trays are equipped with a patented connection system, which not only makes the numerous application possibilities flexible, but also considerably shortens the installation time. Mesh cable trays can also be installed in confined spaces without time delays. Easy to handle clamps, curved sections and flexible connecting elements allow a quick installation with optimal adaptation to the respective room conditions.

Cable support systems
Cable support systems consist of cable ladders, cable trays of various geometries and fastening elements such as rails and clamps. By means of suitable supporting structures, a flexible fastening of such cable support systems is possible.

Cable ducts with click system
These cable trays are made of galvanised sheet steel with a zinc coating of approx. 20 µm. Individual parts of these cable trays are connected to each other without screws, which simplifies and rationalises installation.

Mesh cable trays
Mesh cable trays are assembled in modular design. Butt joint connectors, mounting angles 45° or 90°, clamping pieces for barrier strip fastenings enable quick and easy installation. Mesh cable trays have special properties which ensure that functions are maintained over a long period of time in the event of fire. Escape and rescue routes can be specially secured and remain visible in an emergency. Emergency lighting, fire alarm systems and smoke vents are kept functional for a sufficiently long time in the event of fire.

Cable routes
With cable trays, large quantities of cables can be fastened safely and clearly. This makes cable trays particularly suitable for public buildings and large structures. If extensions or changes to the electrical installations become necessary at a later date, these can be easily carried out at any time.


Cable trays are indispensable elements when it comes to laying electrical cables in buildings of any kind. The individual modular systems with their numerous variants of fasteners allow great flexibility and adaptation to the respective local conditions. This means that any type of cable laying can be carried out safely and in accordance with requirements.