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Chip transport by means of chip conveyor

Machining by machine tools occupies a wide area in metal technology. Machines of various types, automatic lathes, milling machines, CNC machining centres, bring metal parts into a very specific geometric shape with the required precision. In the process, chips are produced, which are transported further by chip conveyors. Manufacturers of chip conveyors are particularly challenged to develop suitable conveyor systems for all types of chips and to make them available to the market.

Types of conveyor systems for chips

The conveyor technology for chips of all kinds has developed as an independent market segment due to the advancing automation. Depending on the type of chips and the application at hand, conveyor systems for chips are classified as follows:

  • Hinged belt conveyor
  • Screw conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • conveyor belts

Hinged belt conveyor
Flat metal elements of the same geometry are connected to each other in a chain by individual metal axles. In this way it is possible to deflect these elements around a drive roller and an ordinary deflection roller. By cleverly arranging the metal elements in a fan shape, slat-band chain conveyors can also be used to overcome differences in height. The chips to be transported are conveyed to a higher level by such an installation as if by a kind of escalator.

Worm conveyor
A helical metal part is spot-welded around a central shaft and thus acts as a screw conveyor when the shaft rotates. The screw lies horizontally or at an angle in a metal channel that opens upwards and is driven by a geared motor. The end of the screw ends in a cylindrical metal tube. The chips are fed into the metal channel from above and are conveyed linearly through the cylindrical metal pipe into a storage container while the screw conveyor is running.

Chain conveyor
Horizontally lying metal parts are arranged parallel to each other at certain even distances. The end faces of these metal elements are attached to metal link chains on both sides. These link chains run over sprockets and are finally deflected by two sprockets at each end of the chain conveyor. The chain conveyor is driven by a gear motor. The conveyor elements running closely behind each other transport the chips into a collecting container.

Conveyor belts
Conveyor belts that are to transport chips have PVC or PUR belts as conveying elements. If differences in height still have to be overcome with this type of chip conveyor, the use of conveyor belts with flights is recommended. The conveyor belts are also driven by geared motors and transport the chips into storage containers. The conveyor belts are resistant to oil and grease.

Classification of chip shapes

Depending on the type of machining, the shape and position of the cutting edge of the tool, the resulting chip can have different shapes. The classification is made according to ISO 3685:

1. band chips
1.1 long
1.2 short
1.3 confused

2. cylindrical spiral chips
2.1 long
2.2 short
2.3 confused

3. spiral chips
3.1 flat
3.2 conical

4. screw shavings
4.1 long
4.2 short
4.3 confused

5. conical spiral chips
5.1 long
5.2 short
5.3 confused

6. arch chips
6.1 connected
6.2 Single

7. broken chips

8. needle shavings

9. fine dust

10. mud

11. small parts


Chip conveyors have a high degree of efficiency in metal cutting significance. This is especially true for automated metal processing, for example for automatic lathes. Here, considerable quantities of chips can be produced in relatively short periods of time. Chip conveyors ensure orderly further transport with subsequent disposal.