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Distributor   Germany   DACH

The company Lonscher Waagen has been active on the market for over 50 years for scale construction, laboratory, precision, shop scales and industrial scales.

Products: Precision Scales, Thermal Transfer Printers, Laboratory Centrifuges, Industrial Scales, Moisture analysers, Indicators, Analytical Balances
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Mechanikus Gottlieb KERN founded his company in 1844 and manufactured the most accurate balances of its time. His business became the core cell of the...
Products: Precision Scales, Hydrostatic Scales, Hanging Scales, Chair Scales, Personal scales, Crane Scales, Balance technology, Industrial Scales
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide

Weighing technology - Industrial scales - Laboratory scales - Laboratory scales for weighing on a professional level.

Ultra-microbalances, microbalances, mass comparators and metrology...

Products: Precision Scales, Filling scales, Spectrophotometers, Belt Scales, Metal Detectors, Industrial Scales, Incubators, Load Cells, Explosion Proof Scales
Manufacturer   Japan   Worldwide
Products: Precision Scales, Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, Spectrophotometers, Chromatography Equipment, Medical Equipment, Moisture analysers
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide

Alfa Aesar, now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, metals, and life science products for research and development.


Products: Precision Scales, Boron Nitride (10043-11-5), Tungsten sulfide, Thiazolyl blue, Silver Wires, Lutetium(III) iodide (13813-45-1), Cadmium Rods
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Precision Scales, Car & Truck Scales, Industrial Scales, Compact scales, Axle Load Scales, Floor Scales
Manufacturer   Japan   Worldwide
Products: Precision Scales, Industrial Scales, Table Scales, Checkweighers, Analytical Balances, Counting Scales, Electronic Scales, Carat Scales
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Precision Scales, Industrial Scales, Table Scales, Load Cells, Checkweighers, Gold Scales, Postage Scales
Manufacturer   Austria   Worldwide
Products: Precision Scales, Roller Shutters, Wooden Doors, Aluminum Windows, Plastic Doors, Aluminum Doors, Door Hardwares, Builders Hardwares
Manufacturer   United Kingdom   Worldwide
Products: Precision Scales, Personal scales, Balance technology, Industrial Scales, Analytical Balances, Animal Scales, Counting Scales, Electronic Scales
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