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Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
High-quality. Efficient. Innovative. Since more than 120 years, customer trusts in Walzengießerei Coswig GmbH. Today, we supply our products to more than 25 countries worldwide....
Products: Chilled Iron Rolls, Investment Castings, Iron Castings, Pistons, Ductile Iron Castings, Chill moulds, Permanent Mold Castings, Machine construction
Manufacturer   Germany   Europe
Gießtechnik Ungrun GmbH & Co. KG was established in 2007 and has since been successful as a trade and service company for high-quality foundry products....
Products: Die Forgings, Iron Castings, Ductile Iron Castings, Steel Castings, Hydraulic cast parts, Malleable Iron Castings, Weldments, Aluminum Die Castings
Manufacturer   Germany   Africa Europe
In our - with approx. 70 persons employed- medium-size foundry we manufacture individual parts, small series and prototypes with a yearly capacity of approx. 350...
Products: Surface Finishing Services, Scale Models, Sand Castings, Bronze Castings, Bollards, Ductile Iron Castings, Permanent Mold Castings
Manufacturer   Germany   Africa Europe
Products: Injection Molded Rubber, Tooling, Injection Molded Plastics, Gas-assisted injection molding, Metal Injection Molding, Bipolar Plates
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Subassemblies, Die Casting Molds, Die Casting Dies, Precision Machining Services, Zinc Die Castings, Surface Coating Services
Manufacturer   Brasil   Worldwide
Products: Foundry products, End Facing Machines, Machine tools, Iron Castings, Surface Lathes, Vertical Lathes, Turret Lathes, CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Centers
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
CRB Antriebstechnik GmbH as part of the CRB Group has been operating in Germany since 2002. The CRB product range comprises all types of rolling...
Products: Bearings, Investment Castings, Steel Balls, Slewing Bearings, Wind Turbine Bearings, Slewing Rings, Machine construction, Bearing Balls
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Precious metal has always been one of the core competences of Heimerle + Meule. Founded as a classical gold and silver refinery in 1845 in...
Products: Silver Wires, Surface engineering, Platinum Tubes, Gold Tubes, Semi-Finished Precious Metal, Investment Castings, Gold Rods, Silver Sheets
Manufacturer   United States   Worldwide
Products: Injection Molded Ceramics, Investment Castings, Zirconium Oxide Ceramics, High performance ceramics, Precision Ceramics, Ceramic Filters
Manufacturer   Denmark   Worldwide
Products: Furniture parts, Zinc Die Castings
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