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05.07.2024 13:55

2-6 Seats Electric Golf Cart , High Qulity Street Legal

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Custom Your Own Golf Cart • High Strength Carbon Steel or Aluminum Alloy Base Frame • Maintenance-free Lead-acid Battery or Lithium Battery • Maximum Speed Ranges from 60km/h to 80km/h • MOQ: 1 We also accept OEM and ODM order for over 6 seats golf cart, welcome to send requirements to us.

Fashion Front And Rear Body Design
The front and rear body of the electric golf cart is fashionable and beautiful, they are formed by ABS engineering plastic injection molding, which are a unique design jointly developed by Hulk designers and designers in the automotive industry.

Optional Steel/Aluminum Alloy Frame Base
The base of the electric golf cart can be made of steel frame or aluminum alloy frame according to the customer's needs, which can provide higher strength and durability, giving you a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

High Brightness Crystal Car Lights
The electric golf cart uses front and rear combined high-brightness crystal lamps, which are beautiful in appearance and have passed CE certificate. The light has strong penetration and long illumination distance, making driving at night safer.

Mechatronics Integrated Drive Rear Axle
The electric golf cart adopts an electromechanical integrated drive rear axle with an aluminum alloy shell, which is lighter in weight. The gear tooth surface has been carburized and ground, resulting in low noise and long service life.

Beautiful And Comfortable Seats
The seats of the electric golf cart are made of soft and comfortable materials, designed ergonomically to improve the comfort of the driving maximally, and they look more stylish and luxurious.

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