Hulk Vehicle

Hulk Vehicle

Hulk Vehicle

05.07.2024 13:45

Durable 11-14 Seaters sightseeing bus, Enclosed Style, Gasoline, sightseeing bus

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Combining Warmth, Comfort, Luxury and Superior Quality • Macpherson Independent Suspension • High Strength Carbon Steel Integral Frame • Dual-circuit Hydraulic Brake with Vacuum Booster • MOQ: 1 We also accept OEM and ODM orders for gasoline sightseeing buses with more than 14 seats or less than 11 seats. Welcome to send us your requirements.

More Anti-Corrosion Vehicle Base
Compared with the surface painting process of the frame of other brands, the base frame surface of the gasoline sightseeing bus has been treated by a series of anti-corrosion processes such as pickling, phosphating, electrophoresis, dipping, and baking. It has anti-corrosion capabilities both internally and externally and has a longer service life.

Enclosed And Warmer Compartment
The bus adopts an overall closed compartment, which can effectively isolate external noise, wind and rain and other interference. The body is designed with entry and exit doors and is equipped with an air conditioning system, allowing passengers to maintain a comfortable temperature in different seasons and climate conditions and improve the riding experience.

High Standard EFI Engine
The Hulk FDH gasoline sightseeing bus adopts the National VI standard LJ469/LJ415 EFI engine. It has more advanced combustion control technology and controls parameters such as fuel injection and ignition timing to improve fuel utilization and greatly reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

High Comfort Seats
The Hulk FDH gasoline sightseeing bus adopts an independent adjustable soft seat for the driver, and the passenger area are equipped with integrated imitation leather soft seats (black, beige, brown, etc.) or FRP bus seats. It ensures a comfortable ride for all passengers while providing higher safety. It is luxurious and beautiful, and very attractive.

High Quality Vacuum Load-Bearing Tires
All tires of the Hulk gasoline sightseeing bus are made of high-quality vacuum load-bearing car tires, which meet strict stability and durability standards. They have anti-skid texture and strong grip ability, and can easily cope with various road surfaces, ensuring your stability during driving.

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