Sodium polyacrylate (PAAS), CAS No. 9003-04-7, Water Treatment

12.07.2024 14:00

Sodium polyacrylate (PAAS), CAS No. 9003-04-7, Water Treatment

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Flocculant PAAS

Item No. :3901-30

Detailed Description :
Place of origin: Mainland China
Neutral: (C3H3NaO2)n
Type: Adsorbent Adsorbent
Appearance Colourless to slightly yellowish transparent liquid/white or light yellow granules
Application: Water treatment
CAS No.: 9003-04-7
EINECS No.: 202-415-4

Packaging and Delivery
Packaging Details 25kg/bag; 25kg/drum.
Delivery within 15 days after payment

Product Description
Sodium polyacrylate, or PAAS, is a repeating polymer with the molecular formula [-CH2-CH (COONa) -]. Acrylic acid polymers are usually negatively charged. Solid sodium polyacrylate is a linear, soluble polymer compound. The carboxyl groups on the molecular chain cause the entangled polymer chain to stretch due to electrostatic repulsion, which promotes the adsorption of functional groups exposed on the surface. These active sites adsorb on the suspended particles in the solution and form bridges between the particles, thus accelerating the settling of the suspended particles.

Fields of application
Mainly used in wastewater treatment, caustic soda and soda ash industry, salt refining, red mud separation in alumina production, recovery of proteins in wastewater from monosodium glutamate factories, as well as sugar, paper and petroleum industries.

About us
Zhengzhou Hohhot Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of water treatment chemicals in China. We specialise in purifying agents, flocculants, desiccants, scale inhibitors, chelating agents, disinfectants, oil displacing agents, algaecides, snow melting agents.
If you have any questions, Hoo Chemtec's technical support team will provide you with technical advice and expertise.
Certifications: ISO9008:2008, SGS, REACH, KOSHER, etc.

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