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16.05.2024 00:00

Liquid nitrogen tanks

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Liquid nitrogen tanks are versatile and indispensable cryogenic storage equipment in scientific research, medical and industrial fields. 10 liter capacity liquid nitrogen tanks cover a wide range of scenarios due to their moderate size and portability. For example, outgoing sperm collection for animal husbandry, static storage of frozen sperm wheat tubes, small amount of cell freezing in laboratory, and industrial freezing accessories.

Let's talk about the 10-liter liquid nitrogen storage tank in detail:

1. The common models of TIANCHI 10 liter storage liquid nitrogen tanks are 50mm, 80m, 125mm and 210mm;
Among them, 50mm is more suitable for a small amount of sample preservation, or simply storing liquid nitrogen for use, with a longer static preservation time; 80mm caliber is similar to 50mm, which is more suitable for a small amount of sample preservation but easy to take. Due to the short static storage time, the frequency of use is not as good as the above two calibers, so 125mm and 210mm are more suitable for short-term storage of liquid nitrogen, and users who don't care about the storage time can use them.

2. Structure
Like all liquid nitrogen containers, the 10 liter liquid nitrogen storage tank also has a double bladder vacuum and multi layer insulation structure, and the insulated neck plug closes the mouth of the tank to reduce heat radiation and liquid nitrogen volatilization.

3. Static preservation and sample storage capacity
10 liters of liquid nitrogen storage tanks are better at liquid nitrogen storage, 50mm caliber static storage time of 87 days; in descending order, 80mm caliber 50 days, 125mm has 25 days, 210mm only 11 days. Note that this is static storage, that is, when filled with liquid nitrogen and not opened and not used.
Plus sample storage, with a full complement of 6 round carrying buckets, you can keep around 792 to 1,788 frozen sperm wheat tubes; and around 150 cells, which can be paired with cryopreservation clips.
Understand the liquid nitrogen tank to use it better.Above is the basic information about 10 liter liquid nitrogen storage tank.
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