BL121PO PLC protocol to OPC UA gateway

02.04.2024 09:05

BL121PO PLC protocol to OPC UA gateway

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BLIIoT|New version BL121PO Multiple PLC Protocol to OPC UA Gateway in various industrial automation applications Introduction PLCs generate huge amounts of data relating to processes, production and diagnostics. Gateway facilitates the transfer of this data to OPC UA-based systems, such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) or MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). By converting the PLC data to OPC UA, it becomes easier to collect, analyze and use the information for real-time monitoring, control and decision making. The technology is evolving rapidly and new standards and protocols are emerging over time. By using an OPC UA gateway, companies are future-proofing their automation infrastructure. When there are updates or changes in PLC protocols, or when new devices with different protocols are introduced, the gateway can adapt and continue to provide reliable communication between the PLCs and the rest of the system.

Product description

BL121PO PLC protocol to OPC UA gateway can support various PLC protocols, including those used by Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Delta and other PLC brands. BL121PO can support other PLC protocols used by different manufacturers. It acts as a protocol translator and enables seamless data exchange between different PLCs and OPC UA-based systems, regardless of the respective protocols.

By converting PLC data to the OPC UA protocol, it becomes possible to remotely monitor and control PLCs with OPC UA-based systems. This enables greater flexibility and efficiency in industrial automation. The BL121PO conversion offers significant benefits for industrial automation, including increased flexibility, interoperability, security and scalability.

Product features

1. supports Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Delta and other PLC protocols, OPC UA.

2. supports connection to up to 50 devices and acquisition of 4,000 data points.

3supports 6 optional RS232/RS485 inputs.

4. Uses an embedded ARM MCU and is a product developed based on the Linux operating system.

5. 2 Ethernet ports (WAN port and LAN port).

6. Supports WiFi.

7.supports OpenVPN, SNMPV1/V2.

8. Supports routing functions and cascade switch data collection to facilitate the collection of more data from industrial equipment. The software has complete functions and covers most common application scenarios.

9. It integrates the humanized configuration interface that follows BLIIoT, as well as remote configuration, remote firmware upgrade and other functions. Users only need to make simple settings.

10. The device has a mounting structure and power supply design with reverse polarity protection.

11. It adopts BLIIoT's patented rail buckle technology and supports standard DIN35 rail installation and wall mounting.

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