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25.03.2024 00:00

Aluminum closure for yogurt lid

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8011 aluminum foil

Dairy products have complex components and are easily affected by temperature, oxygen, light, microorganisms, mechanical effects, etc., which can lead to product discoloration, oxidation, damage, and deterioration, thereby shortening the shelf life. Therefore, packaging not only needs to have high barrier properties, but also needs to be convenient for consumption and beautiful. The silver tin foil on the yogurt lid is aluminum foil, which is sealed with aluminum foil and has the advantages of heat insulation, moisture-proof, hygiene, and long storage time. Aluminum foil's compatibility with heat-seal coatings, coupled with its excellent thermal conductivity and stability, make it an ideal material for sealing all types of plastic milk containers.

The silver tin foil on the yogurt cover is aluminum foil. The aluminum foil seal is not only heat-insulating, moisture-proof, hygienic, easy to open, and has a long storage time, but also improves the quality of the yogurt product. Milk cover foil is mainly made of 8 series alloy, such as 8011 cover foil.

The 8011-o aluminum foil produced by Hongchang Aluminum is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic, with a clean surface and uniform color. It is very suitable for making yogurt lids. At the same time, the 8011 aluminum foil reaches A level for brushing, has excellent moisture-proof performance and high shading. Barrier ability, extending the storage time of yogurt.

Heat sealing milk cover foil specifications:

Alloy: 8011, 8079, 1235
Temper: Oxygen
Thickness: 0.014-0.5mm
Width: 100-1650mm
Length: C
ID: 152mm/76mm
Surface: glossy on one side, matte on one side or glossy on both sides
Minimum order quantity: 1-3 tons per size
Packaging: Free fumigation wooden box
Typical products: medicine foil, tape foil, lunch box materials, aluminum bottle caps, food foil, cable tape and other typical alloys

Performance of 8011 aluminum foil for yogurt closures:

1. Good sealing, excellent light-shielding and moisture-proof properties.
2. High strength and not easy to break.
3. The materials are safe and hygienic and comply with national environmental protection standards and food standard product technical requirements.

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