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21.03.2024 01:05


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The powerful next generation of PAUT inspections has arrived with the Mentor UT Phased Array Flaw Detector. Take the guesswork out of ultrasonic flaw inspections using the most accurate and intuitive tool on the market today. 

The Waygate Technologies Krautkramer Mentor UT, a Baker Hughes business product (formerly GE Inspection Technologies), is a powerful, connected ultrasonic flaw detector optimized for corrosion and erosion mapping of process vessels, pipes, and tanks.

The Mentor UT brings the power of array inspection to everyday use with an intiuitive, touch-screen interface, and customizable inspection applications ("apps"). Users can create their own apps or use the preinstalled apps and completely customize the user interface to meet their needs. The device setup and calibration are simple to learn and can save in training costs while upping productivity.

The entire UT flaw detector system is housed in a glove-friendly touchscreen tablet that’s as easy to use as a smartphone. Pre-loaded Mentor Create software is fully customizable, allowing for user-defined menus and workflows (apps) for step-by-step guidance through the inspection process– from calibration to probe location to analysis. Confident and educated users mean that even the most complex inspections are performed consistently every time.

Mentor UT is the first ultrasonic testing device to easily allow wireless connectivity and live streaming, so inspectors can get real-time second opinions when they need them. That same wireless cloud connectivity enables Mentor UT to remotely generate comprehensive inspection reports on users’ desktops with the click of a button.

With Mentor UT you can expect:
  • High-performance Design: powerful 32:32 phased array flaw detector (upgradable to 32:128) with conventional UT channel and 20kHz pulse repetition frequency (RPF)
  • Rugged Durability: stands up to tough environments with an IP65 durability rating
  • More productive, quality inspections: user-defined inspection “apps” or pre-installed apps on the device tailored to your needs
  • Unparalleled compatibility: easily pairs with GE’s industry leading dual-element linear DM probes for corrosion inspection, linear array probes for weld and composite inspection and a wide variety of commercially available scanners
  • Intuitive operation: glove-friendly, customizable touch-screen UI, and on-board wireless connectivity and data export to streamline reporting and analysis (offline analysis software included
  • Save time and resources: specialized workflows simplify complex inspections for increased efficiency and easier training



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