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The Siui CTS-3300 black and white portable ultrasound system integrates advanced digital imaging technology with excellent performance and superior quality and reliability. The ease-of-use of the Siui CTS-3300 ultrasound unit lends itself to its ergonomic blueprint. The Siui CTS-3300 portable ultrasound machine allows users to accurately gain diagnostic information and to capture fast moving information. 

The CTS-3300 is a digital portable ultrasound imaging system which integrates various digital imaging technologies and five-frequency probe technology. As a system for general application. the CTS-3300 is perfect for ultrasonic exam and diagnosis for abdomen, small parts, heart, pediatricsand OB/GYN. Being cost eHective, the system delivers clear images. and the diagnostic images can be transferred to a PC.

Included :
  • Main Unit CTS 3300
  • Probe Convex Broadband  multifrecuency
  • Dust-prof Cover
  • Power Cable
  • Printer control Cable
  • Operational Manual
  • USB memory
  • Software CD for USB Communication with PC

Advanced Technology:
By following SIUI’s traditional precise manufacture process, the CTS-3300 incorporates advanced digital imaging technology and adopts components such as super large-scale ASIC, programmable FPGA and CPLD with large memory. The system is stable in performance and reliable in quality.

High Density, Broadband, Triple-frequency Probes:
The system is configured with high density, broadband, multi-frequency probes. Probe frequency can be switched quickly by pressing one console button only, enabling doctors to select the right frequency for specific diagnosis and patients. Image resolution and penetration is significantly optimized.

Image Storage and Communication:
Images can be stored and directly transmitted to a computer, thus to realize digital image management.

Ergonomic Design:
  • Large cine memory: to capture fast-moving info and enable accurate diagnosis
  • Backlit keyboard: good for dark room operation
  • Non-interlaced monitor: flicker free, perceptive to details
  • Additional trolley: perfect match for the system
  • Digital Imaging Technology
  • Super Broadband Five-frequency Probes
  • 10-inch Non-interlaced Monitor
  • Abundant Application Software
  • Digital Image Storage



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