Jinan winner particle instrument stock Co., Ltd.

Jinan winner particle instrument stock Co., Ltd.

Jinan winner particle instrument stock Co., Ltd.

11.11.2023 08:00

Winner 803 1-10000nm Photon Nano laser Particle Size Analyzer

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Product Description

Winner802/803dynamic light scattering nanometer particle size analyzer which based on the dynamic light scattering principle, and also 1st one which use digital correlator in China. And It’s upgrade from Winner801, which is 1st set of Nanometer particle size analyzer. Based on Brownian motion principle, smaller particle, faster speed, bigger particle, more slowly. It adopt great performance of Japan HAMAMATSU photomultiplier and self-developed high speed digital correlator as core parts, Get diffusion coefficient by test scattering light change in some angle, and calculate particle diameter and distribution according to stokes-Einstein equation. the machine is with characters of fast calculation, high resolution ration, good accuracy and repeatability, therefore it’s widely used in company product lab research and university use.

Main Features

 (1) Advanced test principle:
Dynamic light scattering principle and photon correlation spectrum technology, according to Brownian motion speed of particle to test particle size, different size of particles have different speed, when laser illuminate these particles, it will make scattering light happen different speed of fluctuations- downs.
Photo correlation spectrum method will analyze these particle size according to Photon fluctuations -downs in particular direction.

(2) High resolution:
Using PCR technology test nano meter-scale particle size, must be able to distinguish nanosecond signal fluctuations. The core components of the instrument is CR256 digital correlator developed by our company, with 8ns high resolution speed.

(3) High sensitivity and Noise-signal ratio
Detector is composed of imported HAMAMATSU photomultiplier, so ensure good accuracy.

(4) High speed data collection and calculation
Self-developed patent product-CR256 digital correlation, It could finish dynamic scattering light intensity collection and autocorrelative function real time calculation, Data processing speed is up to 162M, effectively reflect dynamic scattering light information of different sizes of particles.

(5)High stable optical path system
Photon correlation spectrum detect system adopt optical-fibre technology, smaller size and high anti-interference and reliability.

(6)High precision constant temperature control system
Semiconductor temperature control technology, precision control within ±0.1℃,make samples be in a constant state throughout the testing process, prevent testing error because temperature change will change liquid viscosity and Brownian movement speed.

(7) Output parameters: Real particle size distribution, freely set D10-D100, D[4,3],D[3,2], D[2,1],D[1,0] and specific surface area.


Nano metallic oxide, Nano metallic powder, Nano ceramic material, protein, polymer latex, preparation of pharmaceutical, water/oil emulsion, paint, coating material, pigment, ink, toner, cosmetics and other fields of research, preparation and application of nano materials.

Our Team

Our goal is to provide super quality and competitive price laser particle size analyzer for clients all over the world!
We created more than 10 first particle size analysis technology in China!


Quality Assurance 

1. Strictly conforming to ISO9001-2000 quality management system.2. Strict control from purchasing materials, process inspection to final particle size distribution test.3. QC department to execute quality control regulations.
4.Only qualified components will be assembled and total laser particle size analyzer must be inspected completely before sale.
5.Laser particle size analyzer will be processed preventing -shake test before delivery.

After Sale Service

1.Operation demo video CD will be offered.2.Offer free-training service.
3.The quality assurance date is 1 year since finishing payment, Technology support will be provided for life. And after that, we will collect the cost if provide repair accessories.
4.Maintenance for equipment failure caused by improper handling (appropriate cost will be collected).
5.We offer the components with favorable price and perdurable maintenance.

Model Number

Winner 803
Lead time:
Quantity (sets) 1 - 2 > 2
Lead time (days) 5 To be negotiated
Customized packaging(Min. order 1 set)
Graphic customization(Min. order 1 set)

Purchase details
Protection with


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Packaging Details The laser particle size analyzer package is plywood box.
Port Qingdao/Hongkong
Supply Ability 500 Set/Sets per Month

More questions, please contact us, we will offer you the best suitable laser particle size analyzer for you!


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