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08.05.2024 01:05

Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer

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Partikelanalysegeräte Winner 3008

Product Description

Messbereich 0,1um-300um

Winner3008A/B is intelligent dry laser particle size analyzer, manual and full automatic operation model. MIE scattering principle as basic, Converging light Fourier transform light path, Highly stable He-Ne laser and High sensitive ring photoelectric detector,guarantee good repeatability and accuracy.
It uses air as dispersion medium, and uses turbulent dispersion principle with High precision feeding device, patent powder spray pump and oil-free silent gas source guaranteeing the samples to be fully dispersed. It’s fit for any dry powder materials, especially the powder that takes chemical reaction with water or changes its shape in liquid. Compared to the wet laser particle size analyzer, It’s with the same accuracy and repeatability.


Main Features 

(1) Advanced testing optical path.
Converging light Fourier transform light patented technology, make scattering light not be restricted to lens aperture. Use main detector and large angle auxiliary detector efficiently collect all angles of scattering light in the testing range, ensure good testing accuracy and reliability in the whole range.

(2)Scientific dispersion system
Turbulence dispersion patented technology and Normal shock shearing effect, make particles sufficient dispersion, Adopt wearable ceramics improve dispersion system’s working life.

(3)Human-based operation mode Manual and Full automatic, easy choose.

(4)High precision-automatic optical path calibration system
It’s composed of precise four phase hybrid stepper motor, Its inching precision is reach to micron level, so light path is always in a good state.

(5)Intelligent data analysis-winner unique software support
Analysis software collect large quantity of particle information in high speed, and inverse particle distribution by unconstrained free fitting technology, then intelligent statistics and analysis of testing data, ensure accuracy and repeatability of the output.

(6) The results not only show particle distribution,the cumulative value curve and typical particle sizes( D10, D50, D90.), but also support user-defined analyze result, such as any features particle diameter from D0 to D100,Cumulative percent(bigger than or less than a certain particle diameter).

(7)Users can design the test report output and display forms according to industry requirements.


Particle size analyzer is widely used for cement, ceramic, medicine, dope, dye, padding, chemical products, catalyst, braize, dust, additive,pesticide, explosive, graphite, photosensitive material, fuel, metal and nonmetal powder, calcium carbonate, kaolin and other powder materials.


Quality Assurance

1. Strictly conforming to ISO9001-2000 quality management system.2. Strict control from purchasing materials, process inspection to final particle size distribution test.3. QC department to execute quality control regulations.
4.Only qualified components will be assembled and total laser particle size analyzer must be inspected completely before sale.
5.Laser particle size analyzer will be processed preventing -shake test before delivery.

After sale service

1.Operation demo video CD will be offered.2. Offer free-training service.
3. The quality assurance date is 1 year since finishing payment, Technology support will be provided for life. And after that, we will collect the cost if provide repair accessories.
4. Maintenance for equipment failure caused by improper handling (appropriate cost will be collected).
5. We offer the components with favorable price and perdurable maintenance.



Purchase laser particle size analyzer need know points:

(1) What materials need test?
If suspension/emulsion, must choose liquid dispersion particle size analyzer, and some materials are also reacted with water, so need liquid dispersion particle size analyzer also. Generally, cement, metal powders and pharamcy materials need dry dispersion model particle size analzyer.

(2) What size range need test?
By now, Based on MIE scattering, laser particle size analyzer can test the particle range is 0.01um-2000um.
If materials range is not so wide, for example, 10um-20um, smaller range of particle size distributon choose closer range model will be preciser, no need to buy large range model.

(3) What is dispersion media?
For liquid model, in order that sample can disperse well and circualte in the laser particle size analyzer, generally we need use water, alochol or organic solvent as dispersion media.For dry dispersion model, just use compressed air as dispersion media.In the current market, Dry laser particle size analyzer cost is higher than liquid dispersion models, so if can test well, liquid model is better.

More questions, please contact us, we will offer you the best suitable laser particle size analyzer for you!

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