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Henan Tianzhidao Biological Technology Co., Ltd

10.11.2023 10:05

Liquid nitrogen container, Aluminum alloy cryogenic tank

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Tianchi YDS series laboratory Dewars are made of special aerospace aluminum material, with the advantages of low liquid nitrogen evaporation rate, light weight, small footprint, efficient storage of larger samples for freezing, etc., which can meet the different needs of laboratory professionals.

All models of laboratory Dewar's bottles can be used with freezing racks and boxes to ensure convenient storage of samples. Meanwhile, this series of products can also satisfy the users who use liquid nitrogen for deep-freezing treatment of parts, which has the advantages of large caliber and easy operation.

Product features

1、EU CE and ISO certificates,

2、Large capacity, low liquid nitrogen consumption,

3、Equipped with locking and maintenance-friendly locking lid to ensure the safety of samples,

4、Multi-layer square lifting bucket, sample main storage capacity is bigger,

5、Square plastic box, designed for Dewar's bottle storage,

6、Equipped with a special transportation vehicle, convenient for indoor movement,

7、It can be equipped with liquid level ruler, which is convenient to measure the remaining amount of liquid nitrogen in the container,

8、Optional with liquid level monitor, when the liquid level is lower than the monitoring value for a variety of ways of alarm, to ensure the safety of the sample,

9、Made of aluminum alloy, corrosion resistant and low temperature resistant,

10、Five-year vacuum warranty, excellent after-sales service,

TianChi KGSQ Dewar's bottle strictly executes the quality specification of "Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container GB/T 5458-2012" in the production, and all the products have passed the functional test of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute. We have passed ISO9001 and EU CE quality certification. We provide high quality products and perfect after-sales service, please feel free to contact us.


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