Precision Mechanics

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   Precision Mechanics

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Tecmef is a company located in Montoro (AV) and operates in the field of Precision Mechanics using CNC machineries. The main machining operations are: Turning, Milling and Wire and Die-sinking EDM aimed, mainly, at the Construction and Design of Molds and dies for stamping.

Thanks to the service of CAD design and External CAM executions, we are able to manufacture any mechanical component and provide professional consulting. The company also specializes in Service at the customer's premises (giving operational support to the customer's technicians) with maintenance work on stamping, baking and injection dies directly under the press. 

The company has been operating in the market for 11 years, and with a fleet of new generation machines and a high level of employee experience in the field, it is able to offer precision both in terms of production quality and delivery time. Equipment on the shop floor:
-  CNC milling machines with strokes in x up to 3000 y up to 2000 and strokes in z up to 1300 DECKEL MAHO

-  CNC lathes turnable diameters up to 400 mm lengths up to 2500 CMZ

-  Wire EDM x 400 y 400 z 256 AGIE

-  Sinking EDM x 600 y 400 z 300 SURE FIRST

-  No. 2 Traditional Milling Cutters 

-  Vertical Drill

-  Tig/Mig welding machines

-  CAD-CAM workstation for the design and manufacture of any mechanical component

    Number of employees 15.

    Thanking you in advance, we will be glad to engage in a Working collaboration.

    Best Regards   

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