Dehui Fermentation Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd

Dehui Fermentation Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd

Dehui Fermentation Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd

14.09.2022 17:00

Dehui Brewery equipment

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Brewing equipment 10BBL, Craft Beer Brew Equipment, Micro Brewery Equipment

1.304 stainless steel plate as a whole, and our stainless steel plate manufacturer is the best in China

2. The cooling efficiency of Maitreya plate jacket is greatly improved.

3. Two stage cooling mode

4. The insulation layer material is high-grade polyurethane with a thickness of 80mm

5. Polishing accuracy up to Ra0.4μ m 6. Strict tank pressure test 7. Energy conservation and pollution emissions

BEER BREWING EQUIPMENT is more and more popular around the world. Many beer fans want to start home brewery, enjoy their life sharing own beer with family and friends, some home brewer plan to expand to commercial brewery of a brewpub or mini plant after years of experience, and some experienced brewer want to start own business after years' working in the big brewery company.This is a good chance to do the craft beer business in this area.TianTai is a professional beer equipment manufacturing company that we provide the turnkey service  beer brewery equipment and brewing technology. 

As a 25 years manufacturer of brewery equipment .We specialized in high quality equipment of micro brewery ,brewery plantYears of experience created customized brewery equipment solution for clients.

Copoperated with more than 70 countries .

If you need our equipment,we can talk more details. We hope we can help you to make a best solution for your career.

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