Metal Detectors (METRON 07 FlatLine)


Metal Detectors (METRON 07 FlatLine) by MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH

Metal detector with a flat design for installation between multi-head weigher and bag forming, filling and sealing machine.

  • Detects all metals in solid products or as loose parts.
  • Mimimum installation height for maximum integration ease due to mesuCAGE Technology.
  • The new Performance Benchmark! Highest standard of detection accuracy with ultimate operational safety.
  • Revolutionary simple operation.
  • Compliant with quality surveillance rules according to HACCP, IFS, BRC, SQF.
  • Variable and flexible due to tailor-made system concept.
The concept is decisive
Version 1 - Metal Detector with build in stainless steel -hopper.
Version 2 - Metal Detector with food grade plastic-changeable hopper.
It doesn´t matter on which concept you decide, you will be delighted! Do you have interchangeable bag sizes or is the theme of hygiene at the top of your requirement?

Different From Others
Unlimited flexibility due to network-enabled system components. Metal sensor, operating unit and control unit communicate via Ethernet and are combinable when required. Individual system components are able to be removed when the metal sensor is integrated in a machine. Removals are no longer a problem. Detection accuracy and optimal operating safety are always guaranteed.

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About MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH

For over 20 years MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH is producing innovative metal detection technology to be used in industrial applications. From the Headquarter in Kirchberg im Wald, Germany, we supply our global operating customers with highly sophisticated metal detectors and metal separators.

Our passion for Innovation motivates us to strive for top performance day by day, enabling us to be rightfully called one of the technology leaders in the field of metal and foreign body detection. In the segments of food, pharma, hygiene, plastic, textile, wood and mining we offer a wide range of products, helping you to protect your production machinery and finally your customers from harmful contaminations.

As an owner – operated company we trust in the manufacturing location Germany and our employees for decades. Their energy and expertise make our high quality systems possible. Experience “Metal Detection made in Germany” with a metal detector or metal separator from MESUTRONIC.