Container Desiccants (ABSORBAG)


Container Desiccants (ABSORBAG) by ABSORTECH Europe GmbH

The Absorbag is activated once it is removed from its transparent protective PE bag. The Absorbag will then immediately start to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. The upper portion of the Absorbag contains the calcium chloride

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About ABSORTECH Europe GmbH

ABSORTECH Europe GmbH, established in 2005 as a 100%ige subsidiary compnay of Absortech International AB, Sweden. ABSORTECH produce special desiccant – humidity absorber- and offer this products to customer for using in Container. Once absorbed moisture never runs back into the Container. Desiccant based on clay, Silica Gel or Molecular sieve are also offered. Air-bags are another part of products to protect cargo inside Container Absortech is offering as well. Clay desiccant is certified by DIN CERTCO GmbH, Berlin, confirm to DIN 55473. Absortech also offer special trailer-protection toole to protect Truck-trailer against thefts.