Part-off Holders and Flange Mounted Holders

ARNO-Werkzeuge Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH

Part-off Holders and Flange Mounted Holders by ARNO-Werkzeuge Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH


Machine specific flange mounted holders for use with SA part-off modules and blades. The modular holders can be mounted either normal or upside down. They are suitable for part-off range from 32 to 140 mm and for width from 1.5 to 4 mm. All holders are equipped with through tool coolant facility (partly also suitable with the ACS-Modules).

  • Height adjustable
  • With through tool coolant, ACS2
  • Modular holders with: VDI, BMT,Daewoo/Doosan,Mori Seiki, Nakamura

The new SA-Modules introduce a patented new system for coolant. The coolant flows through the blade to the insert seating and therefore goes straight to the cutting area. From the coolant hole the pressure flows under the swarf and thereby offering the best machining conditions.

Key benefits of blasting up the swarf:

  • Controlled coolant stream
  • Best cooling and drilling fluid circulation
  • Reduced building-up edge and cutting edge breakages
  • Controlled chip breaking
  • Better surface quality
  • Higher VC and feed rates possible
  • Higher productivity

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Established in April 2004, Arno (UK) Limited was the first overseas sister company of ARNO-Werkzeuge. We are supplying and supporting the Great British engineering industry with high tech competitive products, designed and manufactured in Germany.

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ARNO-Werkzeuge combines German traditions with state-of-the-art cutting technologies worldwide. We achieve outstanding results through continuous research, development and innovation of ARNO tools. Testing and exploring new materials allows us to introduce new high-performance products year after year, that withstand the wear and tear of high-speed and high-feed machining. Our modular systems assure enhanced flexibility for your projects.

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Our popular and economical drilling systems SHARK-Drill, SHARK-Drill² and SHARK-Cut, as well as the AKB short hole drill and our large variety of indexable inserts represent our experience and competence in the field of precision tooling. Additional products for milling or parting and grooving make our product range complete.

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