Low Voltage Switchgears

MES Energy GmbH

Low Voltage Switchgears by MES Energy GmbH

MES Energy GmbH manufactures energy distributors for the industry, building, water, agriculture and food industry.

  • customised individual production (height and dimensions)
  • switch frameworks, both open and encased in sheet steel, with contact protection in accordance with BGV A3
  • floor and wall-mounted distribution boards
  • installation of energy providers metering equipment in line with the technical connection conditions of the local electricity supply companies
  • installation of remote control technology
Kisdorfer Weg 36-38
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Export Regions
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
DIN EN ISO 50001
Jens Wendler
Nikolaj Schmolcke

About MES Energy GmbH

Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers by producing quality switchgear in line with current standards.

Our goal is to ensure that we do everything possible to provide excellent customer service. Considering our customers’ wishes, we come up with solutions within the agreed budget and time frame. To reach customers’ goals, MES Energy Kaltenkirchen puts emphasis on long-term customer satisfaction through continuous, consequent optimization of all processes, always following the principle of standard conformity. This in turn enables MES Energy Kaltenkirchen to constantly monitor our projects and costs and to guarantee a high degree of customers’ satisfaction.

With our certified quality-control system based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 50001 we guarantee consistently high-quality work. Our manufacturer’s declaration of conformity declares that our switchgear meet all provisions concerning the essential requirements of the following quality management standards: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008and ISO 50001. MES Energy Kaltenkirchenplans and manufactures lines, taking the market-specific standards in North America into account. As an authorized retailer, we are going to introduce to you soon UL-branded switchgear.

MES Energy GmbH is KTA 1401 IAEA 50-V-Q certified.