Vibration Isolating Machine Mounts

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Vibration Isolating Machine Mounts by Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH

Elastic mounting systems by Getzner for equipment, machinery or motors help to reduce emissions such as noise and structure-borne noise to a minimum. Mounting can be full-surface, or use discrete or strip bearing, depending on the requirements, and can lead to excellent results. Getzner solutions are used, for instance, for heating and AC equipment and with weaving machines, motors and generators, just to name some examples. In addition to improved working conditions, elastic decoupling can also bring advantages by extending the operational periods between maintenance.
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About Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH

Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH is specialized in the field of vibration isolation in railway, industrial and construction applications. The company has been manufacturing materials for vibration isolation and mitigation since 1975 and is one of the leading companies in this field. The high-tech materials Sylomer® and Sylodyn® were developed by Getzner's own research team and are used in the construction of permanent ways for railroads, for the elastic mounting of buildings and equipment and as building components in the construction industry.