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Ceramic Heating Ring by BACH Resistor Ceramics GmbH

Ceramic heating rings made of silicon nitride can be produced with an outer diameter of up to 300 mm. A typical extent of the rings is 5 mm. The good thermal conduction and the low thermal mass of the ceramic material allow extremely fast heating rates, a uniform temperature distribution and high control accuracy. The high strength of hot-pressed silicon nitride guarantees high stress resistance and excellent wear resistance at short processing times. We provide heating rings for operating in the open air at temperatures up to 500 C°. Higher temperatures (if required) could be achieved by developing specific technical solutions.

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About BACH Resistor Ceramics GmbH

BACH RC is a family business which responds expeditiously and flexibly to market demands. Our customers are manufacturers of semiconductor processing systems, machine building industries, automobile manufacturers, furnace producers as well as research institutes and universities. Both European customers and companies from North America are users of our ceramic heating elements. Modern manufacturing technology and highly skilled, specialized staff are the foundation of our company’s success.