Garden Shredders (ALF 2800)

Altrad Lescha Atika GmbH

Garden Shredders (ALF 2800) by Altrad Lescha Atika GmbH

ATIKA quiet shredder ALF 2800 - the ideal shredder for your garden. The durable cutting roller gives a powerful and low-noise shredding of woody garden materials, branches and bushes up to a diameter of 45 mm.

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ATIKA quiet shredder ALH 2500 ? the ideal solution for easy shredding of branches at low-noise level.
ATIKA quiet shredder ALF 2600 - the reliable shredder for your garden. Low-noise and effortless shredding of hedge- and tree cuts up to a diameter of 40 mm.
ATIKA garden shredder AMF 2500 - the perfect shredder for using in your garden. Reserving cutting blades of special hardened steel gives a fast and effortless shredding of woody garden materials, lea...
ATIKA garden shredder AMF 2800 - the perfect shredder for using in your garden. Reserving cutting blades of special hardened steel afford fast and effortless shredding in large quantities of floral s...
ATIKA garden shredder BioQuick 2500 ? the ideal solution for fast and comfortable shredding of branches and bushes.
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The two traditional companies and former competitor LESCHA and ATIKA were under the leadership of the French ALTRAD combines Group. The replacement of decades of experience in the production of quality products is to meet guarantee the right choice for you always.

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Whether kg in the field of concrete and mortar mixer, from small hobby mixer with 125 liters up to large construction site mixing with 1,200 liter mixing performance or the vibrating plates, of the light, electric vibration plate almost 50 through to heavy diesel-powered vibration plate with more than 500 kg net weight or in the region of the transport devices of the sack trolley on the wheelbarrow up to the large-volume dumpers; but also in the garden of the hedge trimmer of the saw until the brush cutter or the shredder; as well as in the devices of wood processing, from the small band saw through to the large table and construction circular saw, the horizontal wood splitter with 4 tons by the vertical wood splitter with 14 tons splitting force, or, or, or.

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