Down Duvet (Pearl)

Brinkhaus GmbH

Down Duvet (Pearl) by Brinkhaus GmbH

The system: Four exquisite duvets, all have premier goose down filling and the finest cases. Each of the duvets can be purchased separately, or in pairs, used separately or later combined in up to ten different ways. The four duvets each have a unique system of strong, lightweight stainless nickel-free metal press studs. If, or when, you feel the need to add to your duvet, as the seasons change, this system gives the complete solution to suit your individual needs and puts you in control.

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About Brinkhaus GmbH

The name Brinkhaus has been synonymous with expertise and quality in premium bedding since 1847. Our company has always aimed to meet the highest standards in design and sleeping comfort. We develop, manufacture and market premium bedding with tradition, innovation and experience – taking care to respect the natural environment at all times. With our selected down, the finest natural hair or allergen-free textile fibres, Brinkhaus provides dreamlike quality for your home for everything from pillows to covers. Feel for yourself, you are sure to be impressed!