U-seal Ring

Schmitter Hydraulik GmbH

U-seal Ring by Schmitter Hydraulik GmbH

U-seal rings are are metallic flat gaskets with a trapeze-shaped vulcanised rubber sealing at the inside (self-sealing lip). The rubber creates a static sealing at fittings and flange connections.

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Copper seals conduce to seal fittings in fuel feed lines and oil circuits. Copper seals are available as standard rings, twin-ring or fill-up rings.
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About Schmitter Hydraulik GmbH

The technical trading group, Schmitter Hydraulik GmbH, located in southern Germany has a long tradition. It was founded in 1947 as an agent for automotive spare parts. Today, it is an important trading partner with over 60 employees in administration and field work.

We offer
  • Consulting
  • Hydraulic connection technology
  • Plants for the vehicle and mobile hydraulics
  • Components for applications of low pressure and compressed air brakes
Our customers
Through quality and reliability we are a valued partner in a multiplicity of industries and regions. Besides small and middle-sized OEMs, our customers are specialized equipment and workshop companies all over Europe, as well as in the Middle East and Africa.

Our area of activity
Years of experience are frequently not sufficient to be a competent and reliable partner. Through technical progress and an increasing complexity of applications and problems we, as well as our customers, are constantly faced with new challenges. Therefore, continuous learning, innovative thinking and a close co-operation with our customers are a matter of course for us.