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Ceramic Insulators by PFISTERER Ges.m.b.H.

PFISTERER’s subsidiary Lapp Insulators is an expert in the production of high voltage ceramic insulators. Highly advanced and monitored manufacturing processes mean that special customer requests can be realised with the same precision and reliability as standardised parts in series production.

From the raw material to the “bodies”

Our insulators are produced entirely in house, starting with the selection of raw materials. These must be high purity and have consistent properties. The optimised mixture is mixed and ground according to the formula. Vacuum extrusion presses then form the malleable filter cakes into cylindrical blanks, known as “pugs”. In a precisely defined drying process, they reach the right consistency for the subsequent shaping.

Shaped to an individual design

On vertical lathes, material is removed from the pug to give the insulator its external shape according to a specific design. After a closely monitored drying process, the unfired insulator already has high strength due to the clay bonds. This allows it to be glazed in an immersion bath. In the subsequent firing process, the extremely hard ceramic structure is formed.

PFISTERER isolators are designed in great detail and customized. Our test procedures during and after production confirm this.

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