X-Ray Detectors (YXLON Imaging Kits)

YXLON International GmbH

X-Ray Detectors (YXLON Imaging Kits) by YXLON International GmbH

Digital Radiography Detector Kits for Radiation-Shielded X-ray Rooms

YXLON Imaging Kits consist of high-quality flat-panel detectors, high-speed imaging software, a PC and display, and all necessary connections and cables for easy integration into your non-destructive parts testing X-ray rooms.

- High-quality kits with imaging software and flat-panel detectors
- Variety of detectors in different qualities and sizes 
- Proven software tools for film replacement, ASTM reference images and more
- Optional video recording tool to save X-ray images in motion
- Fast and easy integration into radiation-shielded X-ray rooms
- Complemented by YXLON MG stationary X-ray modules 

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About YXLON International GmbH

YXLON International designs and produces radioscopic and CT inspection systems for a broad variety of industrial applications and fields. Whether in the aviation and aerospace, automotive, or electronics industry, our customers are among the largest manufacturers in the world – major enterprises that place their confidence in our outstanding quality.

The name YXLON stands for quality assurance for all types of cast parts, tires, electrical and electronic components, turbine blades, welded joints, and a lot more. Our product portfolio includes X-ray systems for installation in radiological inspection envelopes, universal X-ray inspection systems on the basis of fully shielded devices, as well as solutions specific to individual customers. Whether in manual, semi, or fully automated operation, our inspection systems are ideal for deployment in research and development and can be integrated into any production process.

With headquarters in Hamburg, we have sales and service locations in Yokohama, Hudson (Ohio), San Jose (California), Beijing, Shanghai, and Hattingen, as well as a network of representatives in over 50 countries. At YXLON we are local for our customers all over the world.