Industrial Flooring (KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 202)

KLB Kötztal Lacke & Beschichtungen GmbH

Industrial Flooring (KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 202) by KLB Kötztal Lacke & Beschichtungen GmbH

All-Purpose and first and foremost without emission! Low-emission 2-component epoxy resin coating, AgBB-tested with the appropriate accreditation, suitable for an "industrial" recreation room.
Very convincing:
  • tested according to AgBB
  • DIBt-accreditation
  • solvent-free
  • for smooth and slip-resistant flooring
  • high mechanical resistance
  • well-balanced consistency
  • resistant to hydrolyses and saponification
  • very robust
Area of Application:
  • Especially for residential properties, recreation- and adjoining rooms where people remain, e.g. offices, conference- and training classrooms, nurseries, schools, cafeteria, restaurants, show rooms as well as private residential and recreation areas.
  • But also for commercially- and industrially used areas, e.g. production areas, laboratories, stock- and consignment areas and so on.

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About KLB Kötztal Lacke & Beschichtungen GmbH

We offer solutions for your success!
Speedy. Flexible. Unconventional. These attributes made KLB Kötztal Lacke und Beschichtungen GmbH to what we are today: a reliable partner with solutions for your success. Since the formation in 1995 we aim for a clearly defined target: to develop and distribute high-quality reactive resins for sturdy industrial flooring with specific product features. Our multi-purpose program offers high-capacity flooring, aligned with your demands.
We stand out due to:
  • Multi-purpose and highly efficient products
  • Products with highest quality standards: tested systems
  • Reliable partners
  • KLB-owned research- and development-department
  • Customized solutions