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Vacuum pans with honeycomb calandria (Buckau-Wolf) by BWS Technologie GmbH

Buckau-Wolf vacuum pans are used in the sugar crystallization process. They are featured with special patented honeycomb calandrias. These calandrias consist of tubes in honeycomb-design without any tube plate. Due to this design, the distance between the tubes decreases and the heating surface ratio is optimized compared to the traditional designs.
In comparison with the traditional design of the tubular heating chambers, the honeycomb calandrias provide approximately 25% more heating surface with the same space requirements and reduce the deposition areas on the upper side of the chamber by about 75 %.
A circulation tube and the agitator provide an optimal mixing and a directed stream and ensure a homogenous suspension and an intensive heat exchange. It results in a better crystal structure and a shorter process time.
The resultant customer benefits
  • The optimum chamber design ensures homogeneous crystal growth and improved CV values (coefficient of variation) in the massecuite
  • Minimal flow deflection losses, dead zones and local overheating
  • Optimum flow conditions ensure that the liquor is homogeneous and the agitator requires less energy
  • Saving of energy during steaming out of the process equipment
  • Capacity expansion due to the shortening of the boiling time at constant steam quality or
  • Energy saving due to reduced steam quality at constant boiling times; the surplus energy thus arising can, for example, be used for electricity generation

The most important advantage of the honeycomb calandrias is that they are easy to install into existing systems, especially in systems with ribbon, lenticular or tubular calandrias. The length of tube and the heating surface is redefined and customized.
The BWS retrofitting has proved itself successfully in more than 200 vacuum pans. Six segments are put together for a new honeycomb calandria system and have been installed in more than 120 cooking devices of other manufacturers since the foundation of BWS.
Simply retrofit economic efficiency
  • Supply of Buckau-Wolf honeycomb segments ready for installation
  • Retrofitting into existing systems with, for example, ribbon, lenticular or tubular calandrias without any modifications of the regulating devices, piping, process equipment and buildings
  • Increase in efficiency of the existing equipments by means of an enlargement of the heating surfaces by up to 25%
  • Low maintenance expense and long service life

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