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Machines for the food industry (Buckau-Wolf) by BWS Technologie GmbH

The Buckau-Wolf batch-type centrifugals are in use for processing the following products:

  • white and raw sugar massecuites
  • dextrose, mannitol, xylitol, isomalt and fructose massecuites
  • other suspensions with similar consistencies for the chemical or food industry

They have an unmistakable, slim design of the centrifugal basket. This basket can, among other things, reach extreme acceleration forces of up to 1,250 g for sugar. The separation efficiency is hence maximised and a discoloration of 98 % is achieved. The residual moisture in the case of white sugar massecuites is 0.5 %. The optimised control system permits reduced cycle times and thus the highest production output for first-class product and process quality.

Maximum production output
  • Monitoring of the filling quantities by means of the control system developed in-house by BWS, resulting in precise, exactly reproducible massecuite layer thicknesses in each cycle
  • Optimum utilisation of the basket capacity in every batch based on the BWS control system
  • Maximum production output by means of slim basket design in combination with the high centrifugal force
  • Minimum use of wash water, hence minimisation of sugar loss resulting from dissolving in the basket
  • Integration of the control system into process control systems possibly
  • Improved, cross-system communications technology including the intelligent interlocking of connected centrifugals
  • In the event of a malfunction, quick remedial measures for the analysis and locating of the fault and avoidance of downtimes due to a modern diagnostic system

Ease of operation
  • Operation particularly easy and reliable due to a high degree of automation and a user-friendly panel surface
  • Language-independent, self-explanatory graphic presentationon the control panel
  • Additional functions for service support

  • Very low energy consumption of less than 1 kWh/batch in white sugar production due to the special design and the particular drive concept
High operational reliability due to Level D control system
  • Latest EU Machinery Directive as the basis
  • In the event of a malfunction safe and reliable shutdown of the machine without loss of the batch and unnecessary delays due to cleaning work due to ‘safe limited speed’ function
  • Possibility of the integration of a monitoring system for continuous analysis and diagnosis of all rotating parts as well as of a function for the automatic transmission of status and malfunction messages by SMS or e-mail

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