Polymer Metering Systems (Ultromat® ULFa)

ProMinent GmbH

Polymer Metering Systems (Ultromat® ULFa) by ProMinent GmbH

Practical when production of polymer solutions is integrated directly in the workflow.

Polymer batching station Ultromat® ULFa (continuous flow system): This metering system can be used to batch flocculation aids for the preparation of a ready-to-use polymer solution. The system was designed for the fully automatic batching of polymer solutions.

These systems can be used to process both liquid and powdered polymers. The storage tank, which is sub-divided into three chambers, largely prevents the carry-over of freshly batched polymer.

Ultromat® ULFa systems are equipped with a PLC Programmable Logic Controller S7-1200 and touch panel.

Your benefits

  • Processing of liquid polymer (0.05 - 1.0%) and powdered polymer (0.05 - 0.5%)
  • Minimal carry-over of product and thus higher-quality results
  • Extraction of the polymer solution and drainage of the chambers through the front of the storage tank
  • Operator-controlled input of solvent concentration and calibration of powder metering unit and liquid concentrate pump
  • Version with terminal box available on request
  • Gentle mixing of the polymer solution (electric stirrer)

Technical details

  • Siemens S7-1200 compact control system and KTP 400 touch panel
  • Optionally fitted with PROFIBUS® and DP/DP coupler
  • Optionally fitted with Profinet and PN/PN coupler

Technical Data

The following types of polymer can be processed:

  • Liquid polymers (0.05 – 1.0%)
  • Powdered polymers (0.05 – 0.5%)

Selectable components:

  • Tank size / extraction rate
  • Construction (normal or mirror image)
  • Electrical connection
  • Control S7 – 1200 (with and without PROFIBUS®/PROFINET)
  • Powder feeder unit
  • Vibrator for powder feeder unit (promotes the movement of polymer)
  • FG205 powder conveyor/add-on hopper (for filling and feeding the powder feeder unit)
  • Liquid concentrate pump
  • Monitor for liquid concentrate pump (float switch / flow monitor)
  • Flush valve (Y-flush inlet or wetting cone)
  • Stirrer for 3rd chamber
  • Language (pre-set language for the control panel)

The standard scope of delivery includes among other things:

  • Pressure sensor for measuring the liquid level
  • Pause function / operating message
  • Monitoring of the re-dilution unit
  • Lifting lugs for transport
  • Socket for FG205 unit (only when powder feeder unit is selected)

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