Infinitely precise positioning with PSE, PSS, PSW positioning systems for automated format changeovers in machines

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"Infinitely precise positioning with PSE, PSS, PSW positioning systems for automated format changeovers in machines" by halstrup - walcher GmbH

Precise format changeovers are an important priority for machine builders in Germany. Long before the phrase "Industry 4.0" entered popular usage, machinery developers were wondering how they could implement reliable adjustment mechanisms in their products while retaining good flexibility. Automatic format changeovers offer major advantages and provide an answer to this problem.

Automatic format changeovers are much faster than performing format changeovers manually and minimise rejection rates caused by adjustment errors. The format changeover can be reproduced perfectly, controlled at the touch of a button and also monitored using a number of parameters. The device's absolute measuring system (independent of gear backlash, no buffer battery) also makes the positioning extremely accurate.

Infinite possibilities: extended modular product system supports machinery manufacturers
halstrup-walcher supports machinery manufacturers with its 3-series modular positioning system, which offers all the relevant options for automated format changeovers:
  1. Both the bus communication and IP protection class can be adapted to the specific customer's wishes. halstrup-walcher offers interfaces for 10 different buses – on board without any additional bus distributors. Moreover, the instruments are designed for 3 different IP protection classes (IP54: PSE, IP65: PSS and IP68: PSW). This generates noticeable savings when altering and adapting existing machine concepts for customer-specific machines.
  2. New higher torques improve and extend the performance range of the positioning systems. The new 3-series positioning systems now have even more power with 10, 18 and 25 Nm. From 2016, they will be able to move more mass than ever before. This means that the systems can be used even more flexibly without the need to make significant changes to the external dimensions.

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About halstrup - walcher GmbH

A family-owned and highly innovative supplier of customised products

halstrup-walcher GmbH has been in family-ownership ever since it was founded in 1946. The process of its growth and development has been a fascinating journey for all involved. The company traces its roots back to the area of precision mechanics for use in medical systems. CEO Jürgen Walcher looks back at the impressive rise of his business. "Since then, we have significantly changed the focus of our products. However, the precision and innovative energy of our solutions have remained a constant factor." Nearly seventy years after its founding, the medium-sized family enterprise remains true to its traditional philosophy of satisfying its customer needs and providing outstanding quality. "We plan for the long-term and think in terms of partnership. We have close and long-standing relationships not only with our customers but also with our approx. 110 employees, our local community in Kirchzarten and our suppliers."

halstrup-walcher GmbH successfully manufactures and markets products in three business areas: positioning systems for mechanical engineering applications, pressure and volume flow measurement technology for building technology and OEM customers as well as spur gears and actuators for OEM customers. The company develops and manufactures both catalogue products and customised versions of its models. The depth of expertise in the development and manufacturing of these products is remarkable. halstrup-walcher's strong quality assurance programme and lean processes have made it a highly professional supplier of customised models with impressive performance in terms of quality, costs and punctuality.

halstrup-walcher – successful in three business areas

Positioning systems

halstrup-walcher supplies positioning systems with a wide variety of geometrical forms, features and bus systems required by professional machinery manufacturers. These intelligent drives pave the way for highly flexible machinery solutions with minimal changeover times ("cyber-physical systems" for industry 4.0 concepts). Here, the market leader puts its trust in the integration of all relevant sub-systems (drive, gear, absolute position measurement, preventative monitoring functions, bus communication). The machine can be quickly and automatically adjusted to a new format with a high degree of accuracy. This ensures that customers can achieve the optimum availability of their machinery.

Pressure and volume flow measurement

halstrup-walcher offers both standard models and customer-specific solutions for high precision measurement tasks in pressure and volume flow measurement applications. In addition, the company has its own in-house DAkkS calibration laboratory for pressure, volume flow and mass flow.
halstrup-walcher develops, manufactures and sells differential pressure transmitters and system solutions for volume flow measurements of air and non-aggressive gases. These are used in applications such as air-conditioning systems and clean room technology. Regulation of air pressure in clean rooms prevents the inflow of contaminated air. In air-conditioning systems, halstrup-walcher solutions are used to monitor air filters, ventilator fans and air consumption. The company's products find further applications in the mechanical engineering sector. Examples include solutions for maintaining overpressure or vacuums in hygienic applications or for recording air volume flow. halstrup-walcher also offers customer-specific, calibrated air flow sections for this purpose.
This range of products is supplemented by high precision calibration devices and absolute pressure transmitters.

Spur gears / Actuators

halstrup-walcher offers a complete range of spur gear and actuator solutions.
These drives for performing linear or rotating adjustments / movements are always developed for optimum use of the available construction space and a consistently high level of precision; drives with or without housing, as a motor / gear combination, with additional options such as regulation or a simple control module (analogue or digital).
Developing of mechanical designs and electronics and all the relevant stages of the manufacturing process are performed in-house – from milled gear wheels to assembled SMD circuit boards. Tailor made.