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"All-round technology and 360° service for the Turkish market" by KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

May 18, 2016
Home textiles, apparel lace, sizing and a comprehensive service – KARL MAYER is well prepared for the ITM trade fair,

Home textiles, apparel lace, sizing and a comprehensive service – KARL MAYER is well prepared for the ITM trade fair, 01.-04. June 2016 in Istanbul

The ITM exhibition is one of the world’s most important platforms for the global textile machinery manufacturing sector. The exhibits at the ITM exhibition, which takes place at irregular intervals, cover the entire textile production chain. KARL MAYER is the first port of call for anyone who is interested in innovative warp preparation machines for weaving and state-of-the-art warp knitting machines. This well-known textile machinery manufacturer, which is based in Obertshausen, will be exhibiting in hall 7 on a stand measuring 210 m2, where the new HKS 4-M EL tricot machine and the Size Box VSB innovative sizing technology will be on show. But this stand is not restricted to just showcasing the technology – islands decorated with beautiful soft furnishings will be demonstrating new textile developments for innovative applications and will be showing innovative fabric collections for the Turkish market. The products on display will focus on applications for home textiles, especially upholstery fabrics and net curtains, as well as lace for outerwear and intimate apparel. Sophisticated bourdon lace is a particular speciality of the JL 65/1 B FASHION, as the products on display at the ITM exhibition will show. KARL MAYER will also be demonstrating its 360° service organisation with new technical support features.

The HKS 4-M EL for versatile velour production and the VSB efficient sizing system

For the duration of the fair, an HKS 4-M EL will be demonstrating all its features by producing a structured upholstery fabric. This innovative machine was premiered successfully at ITMA 2015. It operates up to 25% faster than its predecessor and is extremely flexible – now without a pile sinker bar. The EL feature enables patterns to be changed quickly and easily, and the repeat lengths are virtually limitless. A wide variety of designs can be worked with long pattern cycles, as can the classic patterns from the patterning repertoire of this high-speed, four-bar tricot machine.

For representatives of the weaving preparation sector, KARL MAYER will be showing the Size Box VSB. The size box is the central component of the PROSIZE® sizing machine. It operates with three highly turbulent application zones, in which the yarns are treated with the liquor via patented application/squeeze rollers and a spray bar system. Compared to the immersion process, this efficient process requires fewer size additives, reduces energy consumption during desizing, and produces less effluent. The size application is also more uniform.

360° service – all-round online support

In order to give its customers even more technical support during their day-to-day operations, KARL MAYER has integrated its reliable service operations into a comprehensive concept and has incorporated additional services into this system. An important new feature is the possibility of using online communication. When required, the client can communicate quickly and error-free with KARL MAYER’s service organisation using the KARL MAYER CONNECT app, and the KARL MAYER WEBSHOP enables spare parts to be acquired quickly and easily. Once the spare part has arrived, the KARL MAYER CHECK PARTS app can be used. A smartphone or tablet can be used in conjunction with a new label of authenticity. This checks the authenticity of the part that has been supplied and prevents copies from being used. KARL MAYER will be demonstrating how all these systems work at the ITM 2016 trade fair in Istanbul. It would definitely be worth paying a visit!

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KARL MAYER is a machine builder with real passion. This family run company was founded in Obertshausen in 1937 and manufactures both warp knitting machines and warp preparation systems; it is now the world leader in these sectors. The company currently employs roughly 2,000 workers worldwide, of which approx. 1,300 work in Germany and 1,100 in Obertshausen. It operates subsidiaries in Japan, Italy, England, China, Switzerland and the USA, and supplies machines and equipment to customers all over the world. For all of them, KARL MAYER represents the highest level of quality and technology, an image that this company, with its total commitment to first-class workmanship and its constant search for innovative solutions, quite rightly deserves.