New Modular Double Belt Press by Berndorf Band Engineering

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"New Modular Double Belt Press by Berndorf Band Engineering" by Berndorf Band GmbH

Berndorf Band Engineering GmbH, a subsidiary of Berndorf Band GmbH of Berndorf, Austria, is introducing a new modular double belt press for the polymer industry in summer 2015. It uses Berndorf Band's steel belts together with related process expertise. The new system provides high efficiency production of sheet products such as composites (fiber reinforced thermoplastics) in endless processes. Typical users are the automotive, aerospace and electrical industries, as well as the construction industry and manufacturers of wind turbines and sporting goods.

A key feature of the new double belt press is its modular design. Any number of different modules and components can be combined to optimize each production process.

These comprise Fixed Roller Modules (FRM), Roller Carpet Modules (RCM) and Sliding Plate Modules (SPM), each with different properties. The Fixed Roller Modules and the Roller Carpet Modules can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. The Roller Carpet Module creates pressures up to 5 Megapascal (725 PSI).

The first installation of the new double belt press will comprise five modules, within Berndorf's test center in Austria, in summer 2015. Customers can test and optimize their own production processes there, from the third quarter of 2015. Berndorf Band will be able to develop custom installations for these customers based on the results.

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Berndorf Band specialises in the production and development of endless belts made from stainless steel, carbon steel or titanium and offers all belt related services. Berndorf Band is represented by sales and service organisations throughout the world and has four subsidiaries in Austria, USA, Colombia and China. The export share amounts over 90%. Steel belts from Berndorf Band are used as high precision machine components for processing purposes or as conveyor belts. There is a great variety of applications: e.g. in the wood and laminates industry, in the chemical industry as well as for food processing and automotive testing. Furthermore films and foils are casted on steel belts from Berndorf Band.