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"Firm and secure grip" by norelem Normelemente KG

Norelem Multi-purpose clamping sets produce a non-positive shaft-hub connection
norelem has extended its line of keyless locking couplings by adding items for specific applications and by shrink discs too. The mostly self-centring, frictional and play-free clamping sets with their low moments of inertia are lightweight, compact and easily installed. With their broad range of models they cover virtually every application in tooling and engineering. They are even applicable for heavy torques. Clamping sets by norelem are made of steel, particular models made of stainless steel. They are available ex warehouse with shaft diameters of 4 to 85 mm. When gear wheels, chain wheels, running wheels, fly wheels or fan wheels, pulleys, slip-on gears or couplings need to be connected to drive shafts quickly, easily, frictionally engaged and non-positively, shaft-hub clamping sets by norelem are the right choice. The clamping sets consist basically of two feather-shaped rings; the interiors and exteriors of a set are cylindrical. They are inserted with play into the bore of the hub or threaded onto the shaft. Depending on the type several screws or a central nut wedge or squeeze the conical surfaces of the inner and outer ring against one another in the axial direction. Then with the requisite tightening torque the clamping sets are firmly fixed and secured against axial displacement on the shaft. Depending on the item, the clamping sets recently included in the product line stand out because, for example, with their compact design they require only minimum surface pressure, can be sunk perfectly in a hub connection, are suitable for extremely thin-walled hub components or have an increased tolerance range for shaft and hub. Shrink discs are suitable for connecting a hollow shaft to a shaft.

Clamping sets by norelem have a wide field of application in industrial handling and automation, in fixture construction, in conventional drive technology, in gears, compressors and pumps as well as in measurement, control and inspection technology. Depending on the design, clamping sets may require more installation space than positive or firmly bonded connections. As a consequence they dispense with the intricate shaft and hub keyway together with parallel key. The performance requirements, the torque to be absorbed, the installation requirements and static, dynamic or even impact loading determine precisely which keyless locking coupling is right for which task. The correct calculation of the minimum hub diameter is the essential prerequisite for the secure hold and the reliable performance of the connection intended. In addition to supplementary information and details for the keyless locking coupling models provided engineers and designers will find a supplemental calculation manual at or in the product catalogue (THE BIG GREEN BOOK).

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About norelem
norelem is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible standard parts and components for mechanical engineering. The company supplies more than 60,000 standard products relating to standard machinery and operating elements, as well as automation components.

‘Green Means Go. Find it. Get it. Go.’ is norelem’s strapline, epitomising norelem’s dedication to customer service. Ninety-eight per cent of norelem’s parts are available from stock, with on-site technical support for products available. To help keep production on the go, orders placed with norelem before 3pm are dispatched on the same day.

THE BIG GREEN BOOK is both norelem’s ideas catalogue and reference book. It is the definitive ‘go to’ guide for standard engineering components.

THE BIG GREEN BOOK combines product information, specifications, and technical information in one single source. Created using a logical sequence of article numbers based on stages of production, it contains best practice references, advice, and guidance.