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Berndorf Band at the Ligna in Hannover
The very latest trend in the flooring and furniture industries is a decorative wood or tile pattern - one that is virtually indistinguishable from the original material. With our innovative steel belts for continuous registered embossing, Berndorf Band has its finger directly on the pulse of this trend. Now the production of laminate surfaces with complex structures, which was previously only possible using cycle presses, can be executed using continuous double belt presses.

Visit us at our booth at Ligna 2015 and get first-hand information from our experts! Hall 27, Booth G18

Berndorf Band is currently the only supplier world-wide that enables the production of registered embossed surfaces on endless steel belts
Berndorf Band welcomes the ever-increasing demands of our customers as a positive challenge. Continuous development and innovation in the sector of the steel belts, such as belts with a 3.5 mm thickness for the production of thin boards (HDF and MDF) and OSB are our response. Rapid and proper repair of steel belts is an essential factor for smooth production flow, especially in the wood processing industry. Steel belts with a long operational lifetime coupled with short downtimes have a positive effect on both available capacity and profitability.

That’s why Berndorf Band has a comprehensive global service network that operates around the clock. Our certified technicians are trained exclusively in Berndorf, using periodic audits to ensure the highest level of quality.

“A stitch in time saves nine”! True to this motto, Berndorf Band offers its customers training for their in-house personnel. Professional knowledge about all the belts used in your operations will help prevent damages and prolong the lifespan of the belts. When needed, rapid and timely emergency repair by in-house personnel minimizes unplanned production shutdowns. Training by Berndorf Band is offered in our training centers in Austria, Thailand and Brazil. Using the Mobile Training Center, courses can be conducted on-site at the customer’s premises. Our customers avoid travel costs and downtime.

To round out our product range, Berndorf Band offers service equipment under the bernfixx® umbrella brand, which is specially tailored to the needs of the woodworking industry.

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About Berndorf Band GmbH

Berndorf Band specialises in the production and development of endless belts made from stainless steel, carbon steel or titanium and offers all belt related services. Berndorf Band is represented by sales and service organisations throughout the world and has four subsidiaries in Austria, USA, Colombia and China. The export share amounts over 90%. Steel belts from Berndorf Band are used as high precision machine components for processing purposes or as conveyor belts. There is a great variety of applications: e.g. in the wood and laminates industry, in the chemical industry as well as for food processing and automotive testing. Furthermore films and foils are casted on steel belts from Berndorf Band.